How to reduce skin redness

skin redness feature

Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily, hydration helps redness.

Dilated capillaries (sometimes referred to as ‘broken’ capillaries) need excellent winter time protection. Choose Rose Day Cream and mix with a little Moisturising Mask for an extra hydrating, moisture and protective boost.

Rosacea is inflammation of the capillaries and is a condition that must be managed. The inflammation and redness usually occur over the nose and cheeks. Acne may also be associated with this condition. The following exacerbates rosacea:
Spicy Foods
Menopausal hot flushes

If you need a nice warm shower, splash your face with cool water afterwards.

If you have acne rosacea then apply 1-2 drops of Normalising Day Oil to the area as well as the below daily regime recommendations. Also use Pure Care Cover Stick to treat and conceal pimples.  Amazing product!

Hypersensitive or sensitive skin – overly alkaline harsh cleansers, exfoliants or lathering cleansers are often the culprit as they disrupt the natural pH and protective hydro lipid layer of the skin. Keep to ‘correct cleansing’ with Dr. Hauschka and cleanse your skin in a gentle manner.
Rose Day Cream contains St. John’s wort which is calming however Rose is a warming ingredient and if there’s heat and redness then you need cooling, soothing products such as Regenerating Serum, Quince Day Cream, Toned Day Cream (which helps to hide some of the redness) or Soothing Mask.

Redness associated with dryness – particularly common in winter time with dehydrating effects of indoor heating and drying effects of harsh weatherUse Moisturising Mask as a day cream until condition improves.

The following is our recommended regime for Rosacea or Hypersensitive Skin:

Cleansing Cream – gentle deep cleansing after the night time activity of the skin. See ‘Press and Roll’ video.
Clarifying Toner – containing Echinacea (anti-bacterial properties) and Daisy (anti-inflammatory properties), just close eyes and mist onto skin.
Regenerating Serum – 1 drop only and if you need support for a maturing skin. Cooling and soothing for sensitivities.
Soothing Mask – cooling, soothing and may be used as a Day Cream.

Conceal redness with Dr. Hauschka Concealer, (if you need more concealing power use Pure Care Cover Stick) and Translucent Make-up, ‘setting’ with Translucent Powder which is available in Loose or Compact. Translucent Make-up still allows your skin to breathe as it doesn’t contain occlusive petrochemical ingredients. The silk in Translucent Powder has an anti-bacterial effect and silk is extremely well tolerated by the skin.

As green is the opposite to red on the colour wheel you may also apply a thin layer of Rejuvenating Mask to the red areas as this is pale green in colour and is also cooling and soothing.

Cleansing Milk
Clarifying Toner
Regenerating Serum – 2 drops if you need support for a maturing skin

Twice a week: Soothing Mask
Cleanse early in the evening apply Soothing Mask including eye contour area and leave to absorb for as long as possible. Remove with a tepid, moist cloth, or Soothing Mask may also be used as a day cream.

Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive
Twice per year, or more often if needed
Instead of Toner apply a Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive Ampoule for 30 nights – a skin cell cycle is 28-30 days.

Intensive Treatment 03
Twice per year, or more often if needed
Skin is calmed with the harmonising and precious gemstone Black Tourmaline. Medicinal herbs such as Ice Plant, Anthyllis and Bryophyllum have a stabilising and balancing effect, while natural salt water from a thermal spa helps the skin to retain its moisture and Rose Water helps to harmonise.
Use instead of Toner morning and evening.  One bottle is to be completely used as an entire treatment.


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