Acne, Blemishes & Combination Skin Condition

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Puberty brings about such increases in hormonal activity that most pre-teens, teens and often into the 20’s or 30’s are likely to experience acne or pimples. The liver has to metabolise the increased hormonal activity and one of the many functions of our skin is to act as an elimination organ, blemishes are the result.  Pores open to cope with the additional oil production.

Indeed any hormonal activity such as monthly cycle, pregnancy, post natal or menopause may induce break-outs.


  • Lemon juice and warm water first thing, before breakfast, every morning, helps to keep skin clear.
  • Use hands to cleanse skin, with your morning Cleansing Cream, much more hygienic than flannels or alternatively use a Dr. Hauschka Compress or Cleansing Sponge and wash and dry in sunlight daily.  Ideally also change pillow slip daily.
  • Eat fresh nutritious food and drink plenty of water.  If you know chocolate is a culprit for you then steer clear of it.
  • Wash hands frequently and don’t touch your face or pick, because of the bacteria on your hands or under your nails.
  • Don’t use lathering, overly alkaline or harsh exfoliant type cleansers that ‘strip’ the skin resulting in even more oil production by the skin to compensate. These overly harsh cleansers also disrupt the acid mantle of the skin, and the acidic environment of a healthy skin is our protection against bacteria.
  • Tip from Jose, our Esthetician Trainer Manager, “Never ever squeeze”, says Jose, “as this often brings about collapse of the follicle wall and infection in the deeper levels of the skin, which could result in cystic acne”.

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Recommended Regime

Cleansing Cream

Our morning deep cleanse with almond meal that binds particularly well to the night time elimination activities of the skin, yet respects the pH of the skin. The slightly acidic environment of a healthy skin is your protection against bacteria. Cleansing Cream is a first priority product.

How to use – see our ‘Press & Roll’ technique on our ‘Morning Cleansing Routine’ video

Clarifying Toner

Just close eyes and mist onto skin. Contains Echinacea (anti- bacterial properties) and Daisy (anti- inflammatory properties).
Shaving can be such an aggravating factor for guys too and Clarifying Toner is the perfect ‘after shave’ as well.

Normalising Day Oil

With this product we are incorporating homeopathic guidelines, ‘like treats like’ – an oil for an oily skin.  Normalising Day Oil regulates oil production and also contains Wild Carrot extract, a rich source of pro-Vitamin A, one of the skin healing vitamins. Use only 1-3 drops on skin still moist with Toner, it’s rapidly absorbed.  We know it’s hard to get your head around using an oil on an already oily skin.  Just give it a chance, 30 days is approximately a skin cell cycle.

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner, Normalising Day Oil, Pure Care Cover Stick & Translucent Bronze Concentrate.
Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner, Normalising Day Oil, Pure Care Cover Stick & Translucent Bronze Concentrate.

Pure Care Cover Stick
Provides harmonising and clarifying care for blemished skin.  Contains just the right amount of Tea Tree and Manuka, along with Tapioca Starch which absorbs.

✓ Covers spots and blemishes effectively.
✓ Antibacterial formula clarifies and harmonises the skin.
✓ Natural waxes help to prevent dryness.
✓ Anthyllis and Calendula assist the skin’s healing processes.
✓ Available in 3 shades

❤ Use at the first signs of a pimple
❤ Apply to the affected area and blend into the skin
❤ May be applied several times per day if necessary
❤ Follow with Translucent Make-up and Translucent Face Powder to give a flawless finish.  Alternatively us your Normalising Day Oil or Melissa Day Cream mixed with Translucent Bronze Concentrate

Pure Care Cover Stick RRP $33 comes in 3 shades - 01 Natural, 02 Beige & 03 Sand
Pure Care Cover Stick RRP $33 comes in 3 shades – 01 Natural, 02 Beige & 03 Sand

Combination Skin

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Combination skin can be a combination of any skin conditions, however it usually refers to a skin condition that has an oily t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry to normal cheeks.

Recently UK’s ‘Beauty Bible’ announced that 60% of us have Combination Skin!

Cleansing Cream
Clarifying Toner
Melissa Day Cream, specific for mediating between dry and oily areas of the face, with a matte texture helping to control shine.  Melissa (aka Lemon Balm) is a refreshing ‘lemony’ smelling medicinal plant.  The aroma of this product is cheerful and uplifting.

Pure Care Cover Stick to conceal and treat pimples. See above.

Translucent Make-up and Translucent Powder – make- up that’s good for your skin.

Cleansing Milk
Clarifying Toner

Remember, no night cream, your skin needs to ‘breathe’ at night, doing it’s job of elimination unimpeded, we only recommend aqueous based products for the night.

Extra Care for Acne, Blemishes or a Combination Skin

Facial Steam Bath
Facial Steam Bath

Once a week complete a Facial Steam Bath and Cleansing Clay Mask, followed by a Rejuvenating Mask which helps to refine pores and helps aid healing for any new scarring. On another night of the week cleanse early in the evening and apply Rejuvenating Mask, leaving it to absorb all evening, removing with a tepid Compress before bedtime.

Cleansing Clay Mask
Cleansing Clay Mask

In severe cases of post-acne scarring, apply a very thin layer of Rejuvenating Mask to the affected areas, before applying your Normalising Day Oil or Melissa Day Cream and make-up. Then it can work on your skin all day.

Note: Conventional make-up usually contains petro-chemical ingredients which are occlusive to the skin and therefore exacerbate blemishes.

Try mixing a little Translucent Bronze Concentrate with your Normalising Day Oil or Melissa Day Cream to help even skin tone.

Intensive Treatment 01 for Acne under 25 and Intensive Treatment 02 for Acne over 25 – are a one bottle, one Treatment product that lasts approximately 30 days, used morning and evening instead of Clarifying Toner.

Recommendation:  Acne is a condition that needs to be managed and we highly recommend making an appointment with one of our Dr. Hauschka Trained Estheticians for a Facial Treatment specific to your skin condition and a consultation.
Estheticians in Australia

Trial Kit: Daily Face Care Kit for Oily/Blemished Skin  RRP $47
Trial Kit: Daily Face Care Kit for Oily/Blemished Skin
RRP $47

NATRUE/BDIH certified natural and organic skin care and make-up



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