Make-up Tips you’ll love, plus Slow Mood colours

Slow Mood POSTER

Serenity takes visible form in the Slow Mood limited edition Make-up from Dr.Hauschka in earthy tones.

The soft cinnamon and deep bronze brown tones and the peach and pine green of the two Slow Mood Eyeshadow Duos and the two Slow Mood Kajal Eyeliners in green and brown gently highlight the eyes.
They harmonise with the colours of the two Slow Mood Lipsticks in translucent, shimmering nude and a delicate berry shade.

Slow Mood Illuminating Powder provides a soft, radiance for the complexion.

Colour and Care

Make-up from natural ingredients and a formula that not only enhances, it also nurtures the skin. It makes perfect sense when you’ve made the decision to use natural and organic skin care to follow that decision through with the highest quality natural make-up.  Plant oils and waxes, mineral pigments and selected medicinal herbs make this possible.

Make-up Tips:

blending brush-81x165

1)  For an ‘airbrushed’ look to your foundation, apply Dr.Hauschka Translucent Make-up with your fingertips, then blend it in circular movements with a Foundation Blending Brush.  This is a natural hair brush with nylon tips.

If you prefer not to use your fingers then use a Foundation Brush.

Slow Mood Powder mit Deckel; Slow Mood Powder open

2)  ‘Set’ Translucent Make-up with our absolute favourite, Slow Mood Illuminating Powder, made using real silk powder.  Apply with a Powder Brush.  The luminosity gives your skin an instant ‘lift’.  A must if you’re having a photo taken too, the luminosity reflects back the camera flash.  Because this product is so uplifting and a limited edition I had to stock up!

Line of brushes 2013 visual; Pinselsortiment 2013 visual

3)  We notice many faces with foundation but the colour hasn’t been put back in with bronzer and/or blusher. Even out skin tone with Translucent Make-up, but you must put the colour back in.  Think of a child’s skin and those lovely pink cheeks.

Slow Mood fan brush tip-232x202

4) Use a Fan Brush to take Bronzing Powder down your face, then it will just automatically touch the places the sun kisses as you go down the face with the brush. Quick and easy!

5) Smile at yourself in the mirror and use a fan brush with your Blusher to the ‘apples’ of the cheeks. We don’t want 80’s ‘racing stripes’ up your cheekbone. 🙂

Tips for Eyeshadow Application:

We love the browns, they’re neutral and always useful, in saying that, every single person we applied the peach/green combination too, it really did enhance their eyes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.26.40 AM
Slow Mood Eyeshadow Duos – Peach/Green 06 and Browns 07
Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.26.18 AM
Slow Mood Kajal Eye Pencils – 06 Eucalyptus Dew & 07 Mellow Sienna

1) First and foremost invest in a magnifying mirror and place it so you are looking down into it for a perfect eye make-up.

Slow Mood eyeshadow tip-393x126
Apply light tones in the natural ‘valley’ beside the nose, in this case we have used the peach tone, and the darker green colour has been apply from the outer, towards the inner.

2) Always apply your deeper colour with a brush FROM THE OUTER, TO THE INNER.  Most of us apply from the inner towards the outer and wonder why we have so much shadow that we’re having difficulty blending away, with colour seemingly dragging our eye downwards.
It really makes the world of difference applying from the outer, inwards.

3) There’s already a ‘valley’ naturally beside your nose, so only use light tones in that area.

Kajal Eye Pencil Tip:

Our eye pencils are made from the finest natural ingredients, they won’t drag the delicate skin around your eyes.  Once Kajal Eye Pencil is applied, then ‘set’ the pencil with our eyeshadow using a Eye Definer Brush.

‘Cupid’s Bow’ Lip Tip:

With your fingertip pick up a little of the Illuminating Powder and dab at the ‘Cupid’s Bow’ of the lips before starting your lip colour.  You will see this tip gives the area a subtle highlight.

From Karim Sattar, our International Make-up Artist
Karim Sattar, our International Make-up Artist

Karim Sattar Lip Tip:

Apply Lipstick, dab with a tissue, using your Powder Puff contained in Illuminating Powder, press a little powder onto your lips, then reapply Lipstick, for longer lasting lip colour.

We all need a ‘new look’ make-up from time to time and I think it’s always best to book in and have your make-up done for you.  You’ll get to learn a few tips and tricks too.

Check out our Dr. Hauschka Estheticians and Dr. Hauschka Stockists who stock ‘Decorative Cosmetics’ and you can always book in for a make-up.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.26.59 AM
Enjoy the allure of a relaxed smile playing on your lips in nude shades of Maple Glow 08 and Delicate Orchid 07. The rich formulation will leave your lips smooth and silky.

Thanks for reading our blog! x



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