Vitamins for Your Skin

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The skin healers and antioxidants are Vitamins A, C and E, and the optimum choice when topically applying these vitamins is when they come in the form of the whole plant extract. Rosehip for Vitamin C and Wheatgerm for Vitamin E, both found in Rose Day Cream formulation.  Mix your Rose Day Cream with a drop of two of Normalising Day Oil* in the palms of your hands prior to application. A potent antioxidant blend! The glorious orange colour of Normalising Day Oil originates from Wild Carrot Extract, a rich source of pro Vitamin A. Antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are very important to healthy skin because it is these vitamins that share in the responsibility of controlling the damage that free radicals by products of energy production within the body and of environmental contaminants such as air pollution produce. Among the several types of damage done by free radicals is the destruction of collagen and elastin which are fibres that support the skin and keeps it looking supple. As these are damaged wrinkles and a lack of that youthful firmness can occur. Vitamin C also plays a part in the production of collagen making it essential to the function and look of the skin.

Vitamin A

If your skin has been feeling scaly and dry, then there’s a possibility that you might be lacking in Vitamin A. Since Vitamin A also helps the skin rebuild tissues, it is also an essential vitamin when it comes to healing wounds and other damage to the skin. Vitamin A is also a great anti-ageing nutrient to protect against wrinkles and dull skin.

Vitamin C

For brighter, clearer, firmer skin, reach for vitamin C. “It’s the most potent antioxidant in terms of collagen building for anti-ageing purposes” says Jose, our Australasian Esthetician Trainer. It is thought to assist with sun defence, as well as clarifying the complexion, addressing pigmentation and brightening. Vitamin C is also an effective antioxidant. This means that it can also help with skin aging. Vitamin C also stimulates the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is the protein responsible for making your skin supple. So if you wish to retain smooth and youthful skin then Vitamin C can help.

Vitamin E

Soothing, moisturising and protective, vitamin E is a powerful healer, so is good for sensitive skin or sun damage, combined with vitamin C. It is also thought to be more effective when used together with vitamin A. Vitamin E is perhaps the most well-known vitamin that is essential for healthy skin. This is because Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that helps fight free radicals which are one of the major causes of premature skin ageing. As a result, Vitamin E can be an important anti-ageing nutrient. Appearance of age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks and lines are reduced by applying Vitamin-E rich products. Wheatgerm Oil, contained in Rose Day Cream is a rich source of Vitamin E. *Normalising Day Oil is our product for an oily/acne/blemished skin, however, we also use it to mix in with Rose Day Cream as a potent antioxidant and protective oil ‘serum’ blend.

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