Dear Eyes… Make-up Tips

Key Visual Dear Eyes_Press

To achieve a professional eyeshadow application you must have: 

A) Superb quality brushes.
Look after them and they will last years and years, giving you professional eye make-up every time.  Dear Eyes… also features a particularly high quality Eye Definer Brush and Eyeshadow Blender Brush.

B) Magnifying mirror.
Make sure you place it so you look downwards into it.  This is all about seeing the entire eye contour.

Application Tips:

1) There’s a natural valley/shadow close to your nose, so apply the shimmer Rose all over your lid. Keep to light colours near the nose to enhance your eyes.

2) Then apply the shimmer Shell under the brow to highlight.

3) With your Eye Definer Brush apply matte Chocolate to the eye contour and outer eye lid, always in the direction from the outer eye to the inner – this makes a huge difference. We have a tendency to apply the other way, and end up with all this colour at our outer eye, instead of in the contour as it should be.  This then ‘drags’ the eye down, through having shadow in the wrong place.

4) Blend with Eyeshadow Blender Brush

5) Apply Kajal Eye Pencil Black, really working it into the upper lash line.  Soft lines only this season, so use the sponge at the other end of the pencil and smudge.  Then to ‘set’ the Kajal Eye Pencil, use Chocolate and the Eye Definer Brush and press into Kajal.

8) Apply Volume Mascara Black from the base of the lashes, and zig zag upwards.  In your magnifying mirror looking downwards, you can do this with each eye shut or nearly shut.

Dear Eyes Set_Press

Here’s our International Make-up Artist, Karim, showing how to apply Dear Eyes… Video

dear eyes application 2

Thanks for reading our blog. x


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