All Toners are not created equal!

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Our Toners are not to be used on cotton pads, they are hydrating treatment products containing active botanicals and are different from a conventional toner. Conventional toners are used on cotton wool (which absorbs a huge amount of product by the way) to remove residual cleansing product.

Use: Close your eyes and mist directly onto skin after cleansing.

Toning should stimulate and support the life process of the skin, making it strong and vibrant. When this is the case, you want your toner to be left on the skin.

Active medicinal plant extracts in the toner can then get to work.


  • Our Day Dare products, (Moisturisers and Normalising Day Oil), are all highly concentrated and are specifically designed to be applied to skin still moist from toner, this means you use your Day Care in an even and economical way
  • Toner also helps to facilitate absorption of your Day Care
  • Hydrate your skin
  • Stimulate the skin’s own moisturising processes
  • Improve the elasticity of the pore walls
  • Regulate the oil production in the skin
  • Help to support a healthy, balanced skin
  • Our Toners are not drying to the skin

At night, our Toner’s active ingredients support the night-time functions of elimination and renewal. The skin’s own moisturising processes are stimulated and strong and elastic pores mean the efficient expulsion of excretions and wastes.

There are two Dr. Hauschka Toners:
Facial Toner for normal or dry skin conditions, all skin conditions may use though
Clarifying Toner for oily and sensitive, combination skin conditions.

Clarifying Toner contains Echinacea for its anti-bacterial properties and Daisy for its anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing and calming. This preparation is also ideal as a soothing after-shave for men. Facial Toner contains Witch Hazel for its astringent properties and one of our key ingredients, balancing Anthyllis.


Hydrate your skin with our Toner at any time. We keep a bottle in our desk to hydrate our skin during the day, especially in the warmer months and in dehydrating air conditioning.

‘Set’ your make-up by misting Toner, gives a more dewy look too.

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