3 Minute Make-up

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Life’s busy, sometime things just need to be done as quick as possible! The following steps I do almost every Saturday morning…

6 Steps to a 3 Minute Make-up

1) Toned Day Cream – or Translucent Bronzing Tint mixed with your Moisturiser. Colour and care sorted – quick as a flash!

2) Set with Translucent Powder, I prefer Loose applied with Powder Brush, plus it’s quick. If you fancy subtle luminosity for your skin, which is uplifting and you’ll notice a lovely effect in photographs as the light reflects off your complexion then choose Illuminating Powder instead.

3) Always remember to add the colour in with Rouge Powder (blusher) smile and apply to ‘apples’ of cheeks.

4) I have to use eyeliner, but I do keep it softer in the weekend, so I don’t use pencil, I opt to use an angled brush and the darkest colour powder in Stone Colours Eyeshadow Palette. Residual colour on the brush I use to define brows.

5) Mascara

6) I like Violet Marble Lipstick which I use more like a ‘lip stain’, it’s so matte I just dap onto lips then use Lip Balm over the top. Residual Lip Balm on my finger I use to smooth brows.


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Thanks for reading our blog. xxx

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