My skin is looking dull!

This is becoming an extremely common customer question lately.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

As we age often our skin becomes more pallid, it needs enlivening!

What to do

1) Use Moisturising Day Cream. This is our most enlivening moisturiser. It’s very light in texture however it’s also our most activating and enlivening moisturiser. Alternate Moisturising Day Cream with Regenerating Day Cream if you’re concerned about firming as well.

2) Use Toned Day Cream, the ‘original BB Cream’ is our tinted moisturiser which magically tones with any skin, and if you have dry skin you may wish to use Toned Day Cream over your Moisturising Day Cream. Alternatively mix Translucent Bronzing Tint with any of our Moisturisers.

3) If you prefer to just use Translucent Make-up, that’s fine, but always remember to add the colour back in. Apply Bronzing Powder with a fan brush going down the face touching high points, forehead, cheeks, tips of nose and chin, then Rouge Powder to the ‘apples’ of your cheeks.

4) Firming Mask twice a week is warming and therefore enlivening to the skin. This mask contains our precious rose in all four forms.

Thanks for reading our blog. xx

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