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During my baby building stages and for the baby/toddler early years Rose Day Cream nurtured more than just my skin. Keeping up with my daily Dr. Hauschka rituals was my special moment at the beginning and at the end of each day. When applying Rose Day Cream in the morning I would always cup the warmed cream in the palms of my hands around my nose first and take a moment to deeply smell the aromas of organic and biodynamic roses to nurture me. I also remember thinking it felt good knowing when I cuddled my babies that they were only receiving residual Rose Day Cream from my face.

Although I was already a long term Dr. Hauschka customer, this was a time that became a catalyst to change in many areas of habitual shopping. Basically getting rid of all unnecessary chemicals from us, our home, the laundry etc.

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During pregnancy body care is particularly important to keep the skin supple, Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil supports the skin’s elasticity in weight loss or weigh gain and helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. I used Blackthorn Toning Body Oil from 25 weeks while skin was still moist after my morning shower. It’s formula is based on plant extracts, with only a minute amount of essential oils for fragrance. It did the trick! I think we forged an everlasting friendship at that time. I still reach for Blackthorn Toning Body Oil, particularly in autumn and winter when I need it strengthening more than toning effect.

Rose Nurturing Body Cream to keep skin supple, Rose Nurturing Body Oil too, it’s just a matter of personal preference or mix the Oil with the Body Cream for a more intense aromatic experience.

Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil relaxes, soothes and encourages sleep.

Rose Nurturing Bath Essence gives a Cleopatra moment, exotic and nurturing at the same time, in the bath or in your Compress & Hydrate basin water pre facial cleansing. Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence aids relaxation. Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence to refresh and revitalise.

Quince Hydrating Body Milk gives the skin a fresh, firm feeling during pregnancy, as does Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Milk.

Rapidly tiring and swelling legs in the latter stages of pregnancy gain support from Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic.

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A protective cocoon for the child

Only the best is good enough for a child’s tender skin. The rich Dr.Hauschka creams and oils nurture their sensitive skin and envelop the child in a warming and protective cocoon. For the youngest, this warming protection is very important, as they can get cold quickly.

Babies really only need to be bathed in warm water and a muslin cloth; however, Dr.Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Wash with such gentle ingredients from nature is for cleansing if needed.

Our Silk Body Powder containing real silk powder has to be the most exquisite and caring baby body powder there is! Created by combining fine Silk powder, which has anti-bacterial properties and is particularly well tolerated by baby’s skin, Rice starch, Silica and extracts of Gentian, Oak and Sage. Silk Body Powder does wonders for preventing the appearance of nappy rash. In my personal experience, Silk Body Powder was the ONLY product that worked for my daughter’s predisposition to nappy rash.

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Tip:  Rose Nurturing Body Oil for gentle and caring baby massage. Just remember to wrap baby in a towel or blanket when lifting in case they’re a little slippery!

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Your facial skin care during pregnancy and post natal

Your skin may go through changes as your body has to metabolise hugely increased hormone levels and for many as the baby takes so many nutrients their skin becomes incredibly dry.   Some new Mums will experience break outs, while others find their skin becomes parched dry.

After having my son my skin quite literally went to the pack. It became sore, dry, itchy – awful really. At the time I thought it was due to the fact that he was such a rapacious baby, leaving me short in skin nutrients. Remembering my knowledge, despite chronic lack of sleep and therefore brain fade, I reached for a 28 night treatment of Renewing Night Conditioner which is recommended for any times of transition and post natal certainly is that! Incredibly problem was solved within 4 nights.

Please contact us if you feel you may need to alter your usual Dr. Hauschka skin regime to address a changing skin condition.  We’re always happy to put together a recommended Product Prescription and Skin Care Regime for you. Email discovery@drhauschka.com.au or phone Fay, Manager of the Dr. Hauschka Discovery Store to have a chat through your skin concerns (02) 9818 6119.

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We received the below from a Dr. Hauschka customer recently…

“I have used Dr. Hauschka for over 10 years and it’s always worked well for me. When I was expecting our first child last July I looked to see if Dr. Hauschka did a baby range (I’d never needed to look for it before) and  there isn’t. Fortunately, I found several articles with a list of the Dr. Hauschka products I could use on bub so they were placed on my gift list.

The paediatric nurse gave me a tube of D****** with steroids for baby’s face which had acne and the skin was literally peeling off, including inside and behind her ears. I decided to try the Rose Day Cream on her face. I was using it as a nappy change cream. I was concerned it would be too strong for her face but it wasn’t. To my surprise within HOURS patches of dryness had disappeared and within 3 days her skin was once again blooming. I applied it religiously at every nappy change and bub started to smile as I smeared it over her face. At our next weekly visit to the paediatric nurse she was surprised at how much her skin had improved. I told her what I had used and offered her the D****** cream back. Interestingly, the nurse also uses Dr. Hauschka so I am hopeful that she will now recommend parents try Rose Day Cream rather than administering free samples of D******. Within 2 weeks my baby’s skin was completely free of any dryness and acne and has remained so although I no longer use any cream on her skin. She has had perfect skin for 2 months. My tube of Rose Day Cream lasted for 4 months using it as a nappy change cream intermittently (perhaps 5 times per week when redness started to appear but was not sore) and a solid 2 weeks on her face and ears (6-7 times per day). I consider this very good value.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because it’s the sort of information I would have loved to read when I was pregnant and looking for a suitable baby product range. I also use the Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil in her bath. The time frame to cure dry skin, how often it is applied and the expected cost per year are all considerations. The message I have is it’s not expensive to use Rose Day Cream as your primary baby cream. It works and works quickly so little is required. And of course, the most important thing is not subjecting your bundle of joy to those nasties, particularly steroids! And of course, she smells as sweet as a rose 🙂

There’s a lot of organic alternatives out there these days and yes, I have some on my change table that were given as gifts, but I have tried them once and didn’t like the feel of them. I also noticed the redness didn’t disappear after one application, unlike when I use Rose Day Cream.”
– Susan, NSW


Nappy rash problem sorted, email from another happy customer…

“Our 9 month old typically cheerful baby girl had been suffering with nappy rash. It flared up very badly and our little girl was in pain. I consulted our family doctor and was prescribed a mild hydrocortisone to be applied topped with heavy aqueous cream and then thick barrier cream. We were also advised as much ‘nappy off’ time as possible to allow the skin to dry out. The full tube of hydrocortisone was used and the rash had not gone. I was beside myself to see my baby in such pain and felt uneasy about continuing to use steroid creams on such delicate skin. Plus the concept of drying the skin out whilst glooping it in three layers of creams just wasn’t making sense. Having worked with Dr. Hauschka in the past I felt sure there would be something in the range that may help. Silk Body Powder was our saviour! I set aside all the creams and applied just this beautiful powder and the result was almost instant. It dried her skin completely and the raw skin looked immediately less red and soothed. Within a week of use with every nappy change my little girl’s skin was healed. I recommend this product 100%. It’s simply amazing.”
– Gemma

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In pregnancy and beyond remember you also require fresh, nutritious food and get plenty of sleep while you can.

WALA medicine; WALA Arzneimittel

As the kids grew I kept finding new uses for Dr. Hauschka products. For minor scratches and scrapes a quick spritz of Clarifying Toner which contains anti-bacterial Echinacea and anti-inflammatory Daisy. I’m a fan of all our Bath Essences and as I used to read to the kids while they were in the bath I also enjoyed the aromatics. The odd patch of dry skin sorted with Rose Day CreamSage Purifying Bath Essence foot bath and Deodorising Foot Cream came to our aid when my daughter picked up ‘something’ on her feet after a session at the swimming pool and both kids love After Sun applied during beach holidays to keep their skin cool and soothed, the aroma is now reminiscent of holidays for them.

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Thanks for reading our blog.
Janet, Editor xx

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