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Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

You are proudly unique, so is our skin care

Don’t feel you need to keep using exactly the same products, your skin is dynamic. Skin conditions change with the seasons, hormones including pregnancy and post natal transitions, age, lifestyle factors, week day and weekend differing environmental conditions and so forth.

Personally I use Regenerating Serum and Regenerating Day Cream during the week and usually Rose Day Cream, Quince Day Cream or Toned Day Cream in the weekend. If we’re out walking I’ll use Rose Day Cream with a little Normalising Day Oil in a protective and antioxidant rich blend, along with super protective Eye Contour Day Balm and Lip Balm.

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Which products are going to be best for your skin?
Trial size minis are ideal because that gives you the freedom to try quite a few day care products and see how your skin feels.

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You may like to read a more detailed blog about the benefits of each day care product…‘Which product is the optimum choice for you?”

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Product Blends
Mix products in the palms of our hands prior to application depending on your skin’s requirement. If I don’t have Toned Day Cream I’ll mix in a little Translucent Bronze Tint to give my skin warm tones. If my skin is feeling dry, I’ll mix a small amount of Moisturising Mask with my Day Care, and if my skin feels like it just needs a boost I’ll mix a little Rejuvenating Mask with my Day Care.

A particularly beneficial blend for a ‘parched’ dry/dehydrated skin is: Rose Day Cream + Moisturising Mask.

A dry skin that also needs firming: Regenerating Serum + Moisturising Day Cream.

A protective blend against a harsh environment is: Rose Day Cream + Normalising Day Oil, which in this instance you would be using as an oil based serum, to give your skin anti-oxidants and nourishing oils.

A beneficial blend for a parched dry/dehydrated skin is: Rose Day Cream + Moisturising Mask

A blend to help even skin tone, give warmth to a pallid skin and a moisture boost is: Rose Day Cream + Toned Day Cream. If your skin is more normal than dry, then Rose Day Cream + Translucent Bronzing Tint.

Mix a little Rejuvenating Mask + Rose Day Cream Light for a younger skin with blemishes, to soothe and to help heal new scarring from pimples.

A blend to kick start the skin’s own ability to produce oil and to protect is: Moisturising Day Cream + Rose Day Cream
Please note: Moisturising Day Cream is our lightest moisturiser, yet most activating to the sebaceous glands. Moisturising Day Cream is not recommended if there’s any likelihood of pimples or a sensitive skin because it’s so active.

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Quick Reference

Do you have even-toned, well-balanced skin?
Normal Skin
Quince Day Cream

Is your skin reddened, blotchy and easily irritated?
Sensitive Skin
Rose Day Cream/Rose Day Cream Light/Quince Day Cream

Does your skin tend to be dehydrated, lacklustre and feel tight?
Dry, Dehydrated Skin
Rose Day Cream/Moisturising Day Cream

Has your skin lost elasticity, more fine lines and wrinkles?
Mature Skin
Regenerating Serum, Regenerating Day Cream

Is your T-zone oily while your cheeks are dry and reddened?
Sensitive/Combination Skin
Melissa Day Cream

Is your skin reddened, blotchy and easily irritated?
Combination Skin
Normalising Day Oil & Moisturising Day Cream Or Normalising Day Oil & Rose Day Cream Light

Does your skin have blemishes, large pores and become oily quickly?
Blemished, Oily Skin
Normalising Day Oil

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