The Truth About Exfoliating

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How often do you read advice that you should be exfoliating?

Plenty, but not from us, that’s for sure.

So called exfoliating ‘beauty treatments’ include dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, AHA/BHA peels, plus of course there’s numerous harsh exfoliants on the market; grains, brushes, acids and so forth. Many exfoliating ‘grain’ products are made from plastics that will be floating around in our water for hundreds of years to come.

Harsh interference with the top layer of your skin gives you much more likelihood of sun damage, dryness, irritation, redness and sensitivity.

Our skin has an acid mantle, the reason for this is bacteria don’t like an acid environment, so it’s also important to preserve the pH of your skin using products that respect rather than disrupt this protection.

The top layer of your skin, the epidermis, is extremely thin. Any harsh acidic or scrubbing action is going to be damaging. Those dead cells are there for a reason, protecting the young cells coming through on a natural 28 day skin cell cycle. They’re also helping to keep moisture in.

We educate that you must treat your skin in a loving and gentle manner. It has to last you a lifetime!

Cleansing Cream in your morning skin care ritual will be removing dead cells that are ready to slough off in a very gentle manner, as will your weekly Cleansing Clay Mask. Nothing more than that is needed for healthy, balanced and radiant skin.

And yes, your skin can still feel incredibly soft without any harsh exfoliants whatsoever. Just incorporate Compress & Hydrate + Press & Roll into your daily regime. This method softens the pores of your skin resulting in a much deeper cleanse, using less product BTW, and in softer skin.

Then always complete your cleanse with a cool water splash or hold a cool compress to your skin for a moment or two. 

Why? Because this simple technique activates a minute muscle alongside the hair follicle causing it to contract which assists in removing any last remaining dirt, result is also a softening effect.

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Thanks for reading our blog. x

Video: Compress & Hydrate + Press & Roll

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