30 Day Radiant Skin Challenge

Correct Cleansing Set limited edition RRP $55 value $70!
Correct Cleansing Set limited edition RRP $55 value $70!

Welcome to your 30 Day Radiant Skin Challenge!

We would love your skin to be completely free from man made synthetic chemicals over the next 30 days, using only our natural and organic skin care.

What you will need: Dr. Hauschka products for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising for your daily rituals.

We also recommend: 

  • The intensive support products, Clarifying Steam Bath, Clarifying Clay Mask and the Cream Mask most suited for your skin.
  • Renewing Night Conditioner ampoules for 30 nights (28-30 days is a skin cell cycle) instead of Toner and especially in the most transitional seasons of autumn and spring and if you are in transition off the conventional idea of night cream use. If you have sensitive skin then use Sensitive Care Conditioner.

Day 1 to 30
Morning and Evening Rituals

Tip: Complete cleanse with a cold water splash or compress to contract a tiny muscle at the hair follicle, ensuring any remaining dirt is removed. This simple technique keeps your skin feeling soft without harsh exfoliation!
Tip: Complete cleanse with a cold water splash or compress to contract a tiny muscle at the hair follicle, ensuring any remaining dirt is removed. This simple technique keeps your skin feeling soft without harsh exfoliation!


1) Drink warm water and lemon juice first thing upon waking in the morning and do this every morning.

If it’s going to be easier then juice a pile of lemons, put the juice in ice blocks and freeze. Take one block out each night and place in a cup, so you’re ready for the morning. We need to make this habit nice and easy. Aids the body in flushing out toxins, jump starts the digestive tract, aids the liver in its cleansing processes and increases detoxification.

2) ‘Compress and Hydrate’ skin to soften the pores for a much deeper cleanse and to use your cleansing products more economically. Use a little Bath Essence in your basin water.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.28.42 am
Click on Play for our how to Compress & Hydrate + Press & Roll video

3) Cleansing Cream – moisten with water, apply in our ‘press & roll’ technique.

Scrub the bathroom, but never ever scrub your skin, way too harsh, and your skin has to last you a lifetime.

4) Toner – Close eyes and mist directly onto your skin. Our Toners are active botanical treatment products, not conventional Toners that are used on cotton pads to remove any remaining cleanser.

Toner Application Video
Click on play for our Toner Application Video

5) Day Care – should always be warmed between the palms of the hands to melt the plant oils and waxes and applied to skin still moist from Toner. This ensures even and economical application.

Clarifying Day Oil – for oily/blemished skin, may also be used as an oil serum for it’s antioxidants
Melissa Day Cream – for sensitive combination skin, oily t-zone, normal/dry cheeks
Rose Day Cream Light – for normal or sensitive skin, usually recommended for a younger skin, up to around 35
Quince Day Cream – for normal skin, the cooling and soothing properties of quince
Rose Day Cream – for normal, dry, sensitive, mature skin
Toned Day Cream – tinted moisturiser for normal, dry, sensitive or mature skin
Revitalising Day Cream – for normal, dry, mature/pallid skin
Regenerating Serum & Regenerating Day Cream – specific support for firming a maturing skin

Make-up: Dr. Hauschka do a full range of make-up, natural and organic products that offer both colour and care.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.14.38 pm


1) ‘Compress and Hydrate’ skin to soften the pores in readiness for cleansing. Use a small amount of Rose Nurturing Bath Essence in the water. If you feel you need something more relaxing in readiness for bedtime, you may prefer to use Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence and Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence provides a refreshing wake-up for your morning ‘compress and hydrate’.

2) Soothing Cleansing Milk – gentle and effective make-up and eye make-up remover, cleanses the skin from the days dust and dirt in readiness for the night time elimination activity of your skin.

3) Toner or 30 night treatment with a Rhythmic Conditioner ampoule

We don’t recommend the use of night cream, sleeping isn’t ageing and it’s elimination time for your skin, heavy and occlusive night creams impede this natural process. After 30 days you’ll need no more convincing – see our Skin Facts…

Click on play for The Power of Night Video
Click on play for The Power of Night Video

This is your weekly routine, so repeat until you reach your 30th evening. By which time your skin will be deep cleansed, nourished, more even toned, soft and radiant and will have gone through a detox from synthetic chemical, petro-chemical ingredients.

Skin will always love you for additional care…

We recommend a once a week home treatment:

1) Cleanse
2) Clarifying Steam Bath
3) Clarifying Clay Mask
4) followed by a Cream Mask of your choice, use around eye contour too as an eye mask

Instructions for your DIY Home Spa Treatment

1. Compress and hydrate your skin, cleanse with Soothing Cleansing Milk, remove with the warm, moist Dr. Hauschka organic cotton Compress Cloth.

2. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of Clarifying Clay Mask in a small container in readiness.

3. Dilute two teaspoons of Clarifying Steam Bath with 500ml of steaming water in a large bowl and place on a hard surface. Lean over the bowl, covering the head with towel, and steam for 5-10 minutes. Follow with Clarifying Clay Mask.

Note: If you don’t wish to steam, then you may do this step with Clarifying Steam Bath and ‘Compress and Hydrate’ instead.

4. While your skin is still warm and moist mix 2 to 2 1/2 teaspoons of water (I use the Clarifying Steam Bath water) to the Clarifying Clay Mask in the small container. The consistency you want is spreadable, not too thin because it will drip off your face and not too pasty.

5. Apply Clarifying Clay Mask to your face and neck excluding eye contour area ideally with a mask brush, even a pastry brush would do at a push, otherwise your fingers. Apply from the centre of the face outwards. We always work in the direction of lymph flow. Allow to dry, it’s no longer active once dry.

Tip: Watch where the Clarifying Clay Mask dries first. That’s a good indication that particular area of your face is dehydrated. Are you missing that area with your day care? Do you need a richer day care product?
Tip: Watch where the Clarifying Clay Mask dries first. That’s a good indication that particular area of your face is dehydrated. Are you missing that area with your day care? Do you need a richer day care product?

6. To remove, I find using the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Sponge the easiest, but a non white face flannel will do, moistened with the now lukewarm facial steam water. Remove easily by moistening the dry mask first, then wiping.

7. Now apply your Cream Mask (Revitalising, Hydrating, Firming or Soothing Mask) including the eye contour area, as an eye mask.

8. Leave on for at least 30 minutes to absorb. I leave mine on for most of the evening so it can absorb as long as possible. Remove Cream Mask with a warm moist Compress Cloth before bedtime.

9. Apply the contents of a Renewing Night Conditioner ampoule. If you are new to Renewing Night Conditioner ampoules, flick the top to ensure all liquid is in the bottom of the ampoule, then using a towel break off the glass top. Pour 1/2 the contents into the palm of one hand, spread between the palms of the hands and quickly press into the skin and repeat with the balance of the liquid. Apply nothing further to your skin. It’s bedtime.

Note: We do not recommend any heat or steam for a rosacea skin condition – use tepid water for a Compress & Hydrate instead. 

Our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens
Our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens

Optimum skin care and a radiant, healthy, balanced skin is about using the highest quality natural and organic face and body products and embracing Dr. Hauschka Daily Skin Rituals!

Eat fresh, nutritious food and drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Get 8 hours sleep and put measures in place if you’re stressed – a state of relaxation, happiness and laughter is good for your skin. A 30 minute daily walk in the fresh air is good for your body and your soul – in nature if you can.

Thanks for reading our blog. xx

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Dr. Hauschka Trained Estheticians

14 thoughts on “30 Day Radiant Skin Challenge

  1. hi, i just started this today, and i wanted to check what i do with my compress cloth overnight? Should i wash it once a day or weekly? or just rinse after every use? Should i hang it to dry?

    Also, what is the most effective way to apply to cleansing milk in the evening? I was told, but forgot today with overload of information.

    Finally, i was advised to keep my Sage warm water for additionally uses. I don’t want to waste it, but can’t remember what else the lady said i can use it for after my warm compress. Can i warm in up in microwave in the morning to get more use out of it, or let it go cold and use it for my cold compress the following morning. today i just rinsed the compress cloth with cold tap water for my cold compress…

    1. Hi

      Welcome aboard!

      I rinse my Compress Cloth and lay it on a towel that’s on the heated towel rail to dry off. Anything that’s always moist will attract mould. I have two Compress Cloths on the go, one’s in the wash while the other is in use, probably washing twice a week ensuring it dries outside in UV light which is antibacterial. If you have pimples then I would recommend to wash it every day and be especially scrupulous with hygiene.

      Once I’ve cleansed my Bath Essence water goes down the sink and yes I also rinse my Compress Cloth with cold tap water for my cold compress.
      Check out some of our ‘how to’ videos http://www.drhauschka.com.au/Dr.Hauschka-Videos, I think Compress + Hydrate would be helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwCDTxZ1O2c

      I use two pumps of Cleansing Milk into palm of hand, spread between both palms, then apply to face.

      If you would like to have a follow-up phone chat with Fay our Manager at Dr. Hauschka Discovery Centre leave her a message and she will give you a call.

      The Dr.Hauschka Discovery Centre
      641 Darling Street, Rozelle Sydney NSW 2039.
      Phone: (02) 9818 6119
      Email: discovery@drhauschka.com.au

      Opening Hours:
      Monday to Wednesday 10am to 6pm
      Thursday 10am to 7pm
      Friday 10am to 5pm
      Saturday 9am to 5pm
      Sunday Closed and closed over Easter weekend and public holidays.

      I’m always happy to help too.
      Warmest wishes
      Janet 🙂

  2. thanks Janet. i appreciate the feedback and advice! I am suffering from breakouts so will try and hand wash and hang out my cloth daily! thanks! 🙂

    I will definitely be back in touch with Fay too, she was amazing!

  3. Hi,
    I started the 30 day challenge 2 days ago and since then my cheeks have become particularly dry and a bit flaky which is not normally the case. I’m using 1 Rhythmic Conditioner ampoule in the evening and the day cream light.
    Should I be using more than 1 ampoule at night or a heavier day cream? Or is dry skin to be expected whilst making the transition away from heavy night moisturisers?

    1. Hi Claudia
      In our experience night cream use brings about a dependency. So skin doesn’t need to function correctly producing it’s own oil. Therefore sometimes dryness will occur in the beginning of your 30 days.
      We suggest you use a Moisturising Mask twice a week, or Soothing Mask comes in a trial size mini http://bit.ly/TAFU0T
      Can you give me more information about your skin, environment, age, exactly what products you are using morning and evening. Really important you’re not continuing with overly alkaline/lathering cleansers that disrupt your skin’s pH.
      Warmest wishes
      Janet 🙂

  4. Hello, I have just started the 30 day challenge and my skin is breaking out just as much, if not more than usual. Is it normal for it to get worse before getting better? Kind regards, Rachael.

    1. Hi Rachel, sometimes that’s the case, you’ll find that Compressing and Hydrating, Clarifying Clay Mask/Revitalising Mask draws impurities from the skin, then aids healing. Drinking warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning also helps with detox. Coverstick is a great treat and conceal pimple product with just the right amount of antibacterial Tea Tree and Manuka. Most facial sunscreens are occlusive to the skin, not sure if you’re using one, however we recommend SPF within a good mineral makeup, non occlusive and reapplication is easy. Our Concept Store, Discovery Centre Rozelle, Sydney, is open until 3pm Christmas Eve, closed for Christmas Holidays, reopening 4th January. Please give our Team there a call to discuss your skin (02) 9818 6119. They’re open from 10 this morning. Be even better if you were able to visit so they can see your skin, 616 Darling Road, Rozelle.
      Warmest wishes

      1. Thank you. I’m not wearing any sunscreen or makeup at the moment, trying to give my skin a break and give your products a real go. I’m in Melbourne so will just persevere for a week or so before I call. My skin feels like it has been holding a lot in,so I’m sure it’s just adjusting and clearing out. I will just keep drinking the lemon in the morning and keeping up my fluids and see how I go.
        Thank you for your time.

      2. Hi Rachael, you could also pop into Glo Health in Melbourne, Amber and George are amazing, also both trained Dr. Hauschka Estheticians. The ‘press & roll’ technique of Cleansing Cream will be helping to draw impurities. Compressing & Hydrating your skin prior to cleansing softens pores, allowing for a deeper cleanse. How many days are you at?
        Warmest wishes
        Janet 😊🌸🌿

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