Night time – nature shows us the way…

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Nature shows us the way

At night, dew falls onto grass, flowers and petals, which glisten in the first rays of the morning sun. A fresh, rested appearance after a sound night’s sleep is something that our skin can also enjoy if we support it with stimulating care that allows it to breathe. Oils and waxes would disturb our skin as they reduce the air exchange.

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Nocturnal activity

During the day, our skin needs care and support with waxes and oils that protect it against environmental influences. At night, on the other hand, it does not need any protection but instead needs to breathe freely. This is because our skin is extremely busy while we are asleep: cells divide and excess metabolic products are expelled – our skin undergoes natural regeneration. The Dr. Hauschka night care range supports these natural skin processes with stimulating and regenerating plant essences which the skin absorbs easily and completely. Our skin shows its gratitude in the morning with a rosy complexion and a fresh, radiant appearance.

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Two or three steps to a good night

This skin care step is embedded in an entire skin care concept. The evening cleansing with Soothing Cleansing Milk cleans the skin and prepares it for night time skin care, followed by Toner. The product of choice for mature skin is then Regenerating Serum. Its composition of moisture-regulating quince seed extract, isoflavone-rich red clover, revitalising bryophyllum and clover honey smoothes wrinkles and lines caused by dryness, strengthens the skin’s functions, regulates the skin’s moisture levels and leaves the skin feeling noticeably firmer.

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The crowning glory of night time skin care

From time to time, our skin needs a little extra care. As the crowning glory of intensive night time skin care, the Dr. Hauschka Night Conditioners and Intensive Treatments combine rhythmic preparations of carefully-selected plant essences with jewels from the earth such as silver and gold, or gemstones such as malachite, ruby and tourmaline. For mature skin, the harmonising impulse is obtained from not only the Renewing Night Conditioner and Sensitive Care Conditioner but also Regenerating Intensive Treatment and Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin.
 You can apply these treatments once a year for each decade of your life (for example, three times a year at the age of 30) instead of your usual night care. During the 28-day course of treatment, your skin cells completely renew themselves once. The result is revived skin with a sustainably strengthened inner rhythm and fortified activity.
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