Elegance Make-up by Karim

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We want you to shine, by looking simply elegant and full of self-confidence.

Internationally renowned Dr. Hauschka Make-up Artist, Karim Sattar has developed an elegant make-up look. Karim places a spotlight on our most expressive features, the eyes and the mouth. In addition to an even complexion, the look is dominated by light ivory on the eyelids and black eyeliner around the eyes and volumising black mascara on the lashes. For an expressive contrast Karim uses a warm red on the lips, with lipliner in the same colour providing dynamic accents.

Elegant Make-up

Karim describes each step in achieving the perfect look

Begin with an even complexion “We start with Translucent Make-up 00 Porcelain. This colour serves as a foundation to make the face appear lighter and bring out its radiance. We follow this with Translucent Make-up in a different shade to conceal redness and minor imperfections. Select the colour that best matches your natural skin tone. Concealer 01 can be used to cover up any blemishes or rings under the eyes – it may be helpful to apply it to the entire nose and mouth area as well. To set the creamy make-up, use the powder puff to pat Translucent Face Powder compact evenly onto the face. This results in a more even, balanced complexion and gives you a longer-lasting look.”

Bronzing Powder creates sun-kissed highlightsBronzing Powder adds a sun-kissed warmth to your look. Begin in the middle of the forehead and work your way down to the chin using circular motions – first on one side, then the other. Bronzing Powder is also ideal for adding contours to the face, giving it a more harmonious appearance. If your face is round, for example, you can use the Powder Brush to apply it to the lower cheek area. To determine the right placement, use the cheekbone as your guide and apply the powder about one thumb-width below it. Then, working from the edge of the face inwards, spread the powder as far as the side of your nose.”

A dab of warm red for glowing cheeks “To keep the focus on the eyes and lips, we only apply a touch of rouge. But the cheeks should still have a healthy glow. We achieve this with Rouge Powder 04 soft terracotta for warm toned skin or Rouge Powder 03 blushing rose for a cool toned skin. Starting at the temples, blend it down towards the top of the cheekbones.”

Glamorous eyes

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 3.19.42 pm

Karim’s Tip: Use Eyeshadow 09 ivory to apply shimmering highlights to the temples and cheeks.

“This look showcases the eyes, although make-up is only applied to the upper lid. I have selected a pale shade for the lid and dark tones for the contours. Apply Eyeshadow 09 ivory to the entire upper lid, blending it upwards past the lid crease to fade to the brow. Accentuate the crease of the eyelid using 02 light brown from the Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow palette, applying the colour back and forth in a gentle curve along the crease to create a light shadow. Round off the look using the darkest shade from the Eyeshadow palette, 04 anthracite. Use the Eye Definer Brush to dab this colour along the upper lash line, where it should be followed by Liquid Black Eyeliner. Apply using the Eye Definer Brush starting at the middle of the upper lash line, first dabbing towards the inner corner of the eye and then from the middle towards the outside. Once in place, the eyeshadow serves as a helpful guide for applying Dr. Hauschka Eyeliner Liquid Black. This should now be dabbed over the eyeshadow, first working inwards from the middle and then, after turning the brush, outwards from the middle. Finish by using Eyeliner to draw a curve upwards along the outer lash line. Apply Volume Mascara black to the lashes. Depending on the desired intensity, brush onto the upper lashes up to three times; the lower lashes should only be brushed once lightly. The colours 02 light brown, 03 soft grey and/or 04 anthracite from the Eyeshadow palette can also be used to fill in the eyebrows. Select the shade that best matches your hair colour. Brush the eyeshadow gently into the eyebrows to highlight and shape them.

Karim Sattar, Dr. Hauschka International Make-up Artist
Karim Sattar, Dr. Hauschka International Make-up Artist

Karim’s Tip: Eye Balm adds an extra sparkle. Simply place a small amount on a brush and work it into the eyebrows.

The finishing touch: warm red on the lips

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 3.21.02 pm

“First, use Lipliner 02 warm red to contour the lower lip, then press the lips together firmly. This leaves an impression on the contour of the upper lip that can easily be intensified. Next, fill in the lips completely using Lipliner. This sets the lipstick and lends more depth to its colour. It also keeps the lipstick from running. Now apply Lipstick 04 warm red to the entire lower lip, press the lips together, and apply again to completely cover the lips. Repeat these steps. Next, blot using a tissue, leaving the tissue on the lips and apply powder to the lips using a powder puff. Remove the tissue and repeat the application using the Lip Brush and a fresh application of Lipstick 04.

Karim’s Completion Tip: Use Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner to set your make-up, spraying lightly onto the face from a distance of some 30 centimetres.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 3.12.17 pm

Thanks for reading our blog. x

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