Revitalising Mask lives up to its name

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As an intensive care product, it re-enlivens stagnant processes and stimulates the skin’s natural powers.

Our most versatile cream mask; soothing and cooling for a sensitive or sun stressed skin, enlivening for a mature skin and deep cleansing for a blemished skin. Quince Seed extract for moisture, Bentonite Clay to soothe the skin and give a deep cleansing action and calming Chamomile. Revitalising Mask is your ‘go to’ mask!

“I adore this mask twice a week, it does wonders as a skin pick-me-up.” 

“I always choose Revitalising Mask to even skin tone and refine pores before a special event.”

Intensive care products such as face masks provide well being for stressed and tired skin. Used regularly, they provide preventative care and help the skin activate it’s own natural powers as protection against external influences.

Fortification for the skin and soul
Various influences such as pollution, a poor diet and a hectic lifestyle destroy the natural balance of not only our skin but also our general wellness leaving us feeling frail and drained. Treating yourself to a little more than your basic day-to-day facial care regime can truly work wonders. In addition to the physical aim of helping tone the skin, a face mask is also a beauty ritual that we plan and take some time out for. Through this alone, we create a sense of well-being for our skin and soul.

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A mask for everyone
A broad range of nourishing masks exists for the many different skin conditions. What makes Revitalising Mask special is that it is suitable and benefits all skin conditions. The mask was developed on the basis of a herbal medicine that combats hard scar tissue through the use of natural substances that have smoothing properties and promote regeneration. Inspired by this, the aim was to create an intensive skin care product for the skin care sector that helps reduce blemishes such as acne scars by structuring and soothing stressed skin.

The result was a product made from quince, anthyllis and chamomile, all of which are medicinal plants. Together, they promote the skin’s natural ability to firm and shape the skin and stimulate circulation. Quince seed extract is particularly characterised by highly soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also regulates the skin’s natural moisture levels. The formulation is rounded off by high-quality jojoba, apricot kernel and wheat germ oils, which purify and smoothen the skin. The pleasant, revitalising effect can be just what you need at the end of a strenuous day. A nourishing mask that offers well being for all skin. Simply lie back and enjoy.

– Also apply to eye contour as an eye mask
– You can mix a little Revitalising Mask with your usual Dr. Hauschka day care for a month for a skin boost
– Skin treat with Clarifying Steam Bath, then Clarifying Clay Mask, followed by Revitalising Mask, your skin will love you for it!

Please note: Revitalising Mask was formerly named Rejuvenating Mask


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