Radiance Make-up by Karim

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Shine with Radiance

The festive season beckons once again. During this special time of year, a woman likes to shine. And a radiant, shimmering make-up puts her in the spotlight for a memorable appearance. It underscores her inner radiance, which glows even brighter than the festive lights, and turns a holiday celebration into a five-star occasion.

This year, the colours of the season are soft, natural and warm. They glimmer and shine, revealing the inner spark that is within every woman – in keeping with the festive spirit. Internationally renowned Dr. Hauschka Make-up Artist, Karim Sattar, has created a vivacious make-up look specifically for such special occasions, dominated by shades of gold, sand and brown accentuated with a delicate rosé. It showcases an even complexion and extremely dramatic, shining eyes. Fresh, gently shimmering lips add a luminous note. He also combines delicate rosé with a hint of ivory for a festive, radiant glow on the cheeks.

Karim Sattar guides you through the steps to create the perfect look for special occasions.

Start with an even complexion

“Ideally, you should start with foundation. Use a foundation brush or a make-up sponge to apply a small amount of Dr. Hauschka Translucent Make-up 00 as a ‘primer’This shade suits almost every skin tone, evens out the complexion, and provides the perfect base for the second nuance of colour that is actually part of the look.

Select the Translucent-Make-up shade that is best for your colouring – Pale Sand (01), Beige Rosé (02), Suntan (03) or Mocca (04). This will enliven your face with a touch of freshness. Follow with Translucent Face Powder Loose to set the make-up, placing a small amount on the powder puff and using it to mattify the face as desired.”

Dramatic eyes

“First use Kajal Eyeliner 04 Soft Brown to highlight the lower lashline and the upper eyelid. Apply the Kajal Eyeliner along the crease of the upper lid, covering about one-third from the outside working inward, as well as along the lower lashline. In addition, use Kajal Eyeliner to fill in the space between the lashline and the crease of the lid and gently smudge it on the upper eyelid up to the crease and on the lower eyelid to the inner corner of the eye.

Next, apply Eyeshadow Solo 04 Taupe to the upper eyelid in the outer corner of the eye and to the lower eyelid, gently smoothing in the eyeshadow.

For sparkling highlights, apply Eyeshadow Solo 01 Golden Sand to the inner part of the upper eyelid and under the eyebrow.

Finally, apply Eyeshadow Solo 02 Golden Earth in the centre of the eyelid to gently blend the colours. For best results, use a blender brush to finish the look.

To strongly accentuate the lashline, use Kajal Eyeliner 04 Soft Brown to draw a line along the edges of the upper and lower eyelids and carefully blend it in. Then apply the white eyeliner from Kajal Eyeliner Duo 01 White/Anthracite to the inner lower eyelid to make the eyes look larger and more alert.

If you want to give the eyes an even more dramatic touch, apply Eyeliner Liquid Brown along the upper lashline. Start at the middle of the upper lashline, first dabbing inward towards the corner of the eye, then turn the brush and work from the middle towards the outside.

Tip: Two layers of Volume Mascara 01 Black add the final polish to this five-star look.

This season, the focus is on the eyebrows

Use a eyebrow brush for shaping, then choose a shade from Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette 01 that matches your hair colour and apply it to the eyebrows. Colour 02 Mushroom is suitable for lighter hair; for darker hair, I recommend colour 03 Taupe. After applying, use Dr. Hauschka Eye Contour Day Balm to set the colour. This not only showcases the eyebrows, but also hydrates a part of your skin that tends to be dry.

Delicate cheeks that sparkle and shimmer

Apply Rouge Powder 03 Blushing Rosé to the upper cheekbones for a fresh, vibrant look. Achieve shimmering highlights by moistening Eyeshadow Solo 09 Ivory slightly and dabbing it onto the upper cheekbone using a make-up sponge. This gives you a fresh, dewy appearance which will turn heads.

The finishing touch – shining, rosy lips

Outline your lips with Lipliner 03 Soft Rosé. Next, use Lipstick 01 Soft Coral to entirely fill in both lips. For a festive shine, finish the look by applying Lip Gloss 01 Rose to the lips.

Now your radiant, shimmering make-up is complete – guaranteed to put you in the spotlight and make the evening an unforgettable occasion!”

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Karim Sattar, Dr. Hauschka International Make-up Artist
Karim Sattar, Dr. Hauschka International Make-up Artist

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