Elisabeth Sigmund – Chapter 3 – Medicinal Plants

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Elisabeth Sigmund’s grandmother Anastasia Pribik lived in the 12th district of Vienna in a house with a large garden in which she had planted a variety of flowers. When her granddaughter visited, she took her into the garden and zealously told her about the plants. Elisabeth was infected by her enthusiasm even as a child. When, years later, she was in her father’s study and discovered his herbarium, a book of dried and pressed plants with their common and scientific names, she studied this extensively and tried to find the plants growing naturally when on walks.

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Gardening as a profession?
Elisabeth found a neighbour with a flower nursery and asked a lot of questions as he was tending the flowerbeds. He knew a lot and taught her, among other things, how to recognise shrubs simply from their smell and how to cut them. At the time, Elisabeth started wondering whether gardening might be the right profession for her. Out of interest, she joined her mother on a visit to Neuburg monastery with its extensive gardens and training facilities. There, she realised that the work would have been much too difficult for her physically. She therefore initially stuck to dealing theoretically with medicinal plants, learning their scientific names and medical significance.

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Throughout her life, Elisabeth Sigmund studied literature on medicinal plants and uncovered many forgotten treasures. For example, she discovered the ANTHYLLIS VULNERARIA as a skin-regulating ingredient for her facial care products. She incorporated this knowledge into her Dr. Hauschka formulations. The yellow flowers of Anthyllis are one of the key ingredient plants in Dr. Hauschka skin care, found in a variety of facial care and make-up products because of their ability to restore harmony and balance to the skin’s natural functions. Anthyllis extracts are processed using a WALA/Dr. Hauschka special technique.

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