7 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Key Visual Dear Eyes_Press

1) Concealer
Dark circles can make your eyes appear smaller. Choose your Dr. Hauschka Concealer shade slightly lighter than your skin to brighten and correct any blue tones.

Tip: Apply Concealer to the inner eye only, wait a moment for it to absorb then blend, don’t apply to outer area where it’s likely to sit in any fine lines which will enhance them.

2) Liquid Eyeliner
Apply Dr. Hauschka Liquid Liner Black close as possible to your upper lash line, with a tiny flick at the end. This makes your lashes look thicker.

3) Mascara
Eyelash curlers are a must then Dr. Hauschka Volumising Mascara Black on top lashes, apply in a zig zag fashion to build volume. Try a softer colour on lower lashes such as Aubergine or Anthracite (soft black).

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 10.19.49 am

4) Eyeliner Pencil
Eyeliner Pencil on the water line can make your eyes look much smaller. Colour the waterline with a white pencil to instantly open and brighten eyes.

Apply Eyeliner Pencil to the outer 1/3rd and blend inwards to achieve a wide eyed look.
Apply Eyeliner Pencil to the outer 1/3rd and blend inwards to achieve a wide eyed look

5) Define the Crease
Use matte eye shadow, our Eye Shadow Palette is perfect, and ensure you apply from the outer corners towards the inner, apply with a brush and blend.

6) Highlight
Dab light colour under brows, such as Eye Shadow Solo 09, centre of lids and particularly to the inner corner where there is a natural valley and shadow beside the nose, this helps to make eyes look wide awake.

7) Brows
Brows really frame your eye, get them professionally shaped and tinted. Eye Shadow Palette our multi tasking product works well for brows, apply colour with an angled brush. For additional brow grooming use a smidgen of Eye Balm to hold hairs close to the skin.

Thanks for reading our blog. xx

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3 thoughts on “7 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

  1. Hey Dr. Hauschks Team,
    The eye make up on the picture under the text about volum mascara is beautiful. Could you explsin it to me and the products were used? Kind regards

    1. Hi Tina, no I can’t as it’s a pic I found to show that eyeliner pencil on the water line actually makes eyes appear smaller. It’s not a technique to help ‘open’ the eyes. It’s in reference to the paragraph below the pic, Tip 4) Eyeliner Pencil.
      Kind regards

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