Night Serum

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An apple a day…

As the day draws to a close
Your skin awakens 

Night time is a crucial period of renewal and regeneration for your skin. Dr. Hauschka supports your skin’s nighttime processes with botanical oil-free night care as opposed to the use of night creams which impede your skin’s natural overnight functions. 

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum

  • Night time care that revitalises all skin conditions for women and men
  • For fresh, radiant skin in the morning
  • Organic Berner Rose Apple Blossom Extract & Apple Fruit Hydrosol
  • Witch Hazel Leaf/Bark extract
  • Softening, vitalising, strengthening and stimulates renewal process
  • Skin feels instantly firmed
  • Oil-free, light and rapidly absorbed by the skin
  • Superb skin tolerability
  • Helps the skin rediscover its natural balance
  • Guides the skin’s essential night-time work

NATRUE/BDIH certified natural and organic skin care and make-up

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Night Serum Video, click here

3 Step Nighttime Skin Care Ritual

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In times gone by Apples were the symbol of rebirth, fertility & beauty
In times gone by Apples were the symbol of rebirth, fertility & beauty

Berner Rose Apple – delicate and robust

Every spring, apple blossoms stimulate our senses as they open to the world. They offer a promise of sustenance that is fulfilled in autumn with the apples themselves – fruits ripe with vitality and health. Night Serum is also based on the apple’s powers of metamorphosis to support skin renewal overnight. In creating this dynamic formulation, we have combined the benefits offered by both apple blossoms and apple fruit.

The apple blossom invites the skin to open up. The apple fruit reflects the skin that we desire after a good night’s sleep: vitalised, radiant and refreshed. 

The delicate, intoxicating scent of soft petals envelops your senses as night falls. Night Serum guides the renewal processes which your skin activates every night.

Rose apples in Night Serum

Night Serum was 5 years in the making and we tested 4,000 varieties of apple. Berner Rose Apple from controlled organic growing was selected. This variety reveals the full beauty of the fruit: the apples need to be crunchy, juicy and as soft, rosy and full of vitality. There also needs to be a balance between sweetness and acidity, as well as a protective yet delicate skin. 

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The Power of the Night Video, click here

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Night Serum Application Video, click here

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As different as night and day

Oil-free night care lets the skin breathe, your reward in the morning, a healthy and radiant skin

By Night

  • As your body slows upon evening’s approach, the crucial period of renewal and regeneration for your skin begins.
  • Dr. Hauschka oil-free night care supports the skin’s essential nightly processes.
  • The skin needs night time as a time of rest while it regenerates and renews and eliminates metabolic waste.
  • Sleeping is not ageing, nor is there any reason to protect your skin from the environment during the night. Our no night cream approach makes sense!
  • Dr. Hauschka basic night care products support the skin’s natural processes with stimulating and rejuvenating botanical extracts that are easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Heavy, occlusive night creams impede this natural function of the skin.
  • Our oil-free night time products support the skin’s natural activity and innate rhythms to strengthen, regulate and balance the skin.

By Day

  • A moisturising facial cream, or oil in the case of oily skin, helps to protect the skin from the effects of the elements and environment.
  • Complex formulations that are also designed to regulate, balance and strengthen the skin.
  • Products that nourish the skin with the highest quality biodynamic, organic and natural ingredients.
Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom


Why is all Dr. Hauschka night care oil free?

At night, the skin needs to breathe freely to fully regenerate. Oily products disturb this process. The oil-free, water-based night care products from Dr. Hauschka support the skin’s renewal and regulate its metabolic processes.

Is oil-free night care suitable for people of all ages and with all skin conditions?

Yes. Everyone’s skin uses the night to process the influences from the day and to regenerate. Mature and very dry skin, in particular, requires vitality and new stimuli to encourage its natural activities.

How can people successfully switch to oil-free Dr. Hauschka night care?

The switch starts with your attitude, with saying goodbye to ‘more is better’. It is also the discovery that the skin automatically experiences more attention and respect when using oil-free night care products and finds its way back to its natural rhythm more easily. This approach may initially seem unusual. To support the transition and optimally attune the skin to the Dr. Hauschka skin care concept, we recommend that you start by using Renewing Night Conditioner or Sensitive Care Conditioner for a 28-day treatment period. After this time, your skin will have completely renewed itself and be optimally prepared for the Dr. Hauschka skin care concept.

For customers who do not want to use a treatment, Night Serum offers the perfect introduction to oil-free night care. After cleansing and toning in the evening, the Night Serum signals to the skin that night time is beginning. This clarity is often lacking due the lack of rhythm in our modern lives – and our nightly skin regeneration often suffers as a result.

The different qualities of day and night can be emphasised by applying a Cream Mask in the early evening. This marks the end of the working day for your skin and gives it a final dose of nourishment and protection. When you remove the mask, your skin can leave the daytime behind and start to regenerate.

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Is the oil-free night care compatible with a Cream Mask, a little Eye Cream or Lip Care before bed?

Applying a mask in the early evening can assist the skin with the transition from day to night. As for all other oil-based products, the important thing is to ensure it’s removed before bedtime with a warm, moist cloth. The Dr. Hauschka Lip Care products and Eye Cream products are also designed for daytime use. However, you can gladly apply Night Serum to the area around your eyes.

When is the best time to make the switch?

Every evening is the perfect evening to introduce your skin to oil-free night care. All you need are curiosity and the decision to take the plunge and try something new. In our experience, we’ve had so many clients who have tried our no night cream stance as a last resort and have been thrilled with finally achieving healthy skin and the visible results they were looking for.

How will my skin change if I switch to oil-free night care?

In the morning, your skin will look visibly rested and have a radiance that shines from within. Your face may have a slight shine despite you not having applied cream to it the night before. What you are seeing is the result of your skin’s nightly metabolic processes.

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If my skin feels taut at night, is that a sign that I need an oil-based night cream?

No. It is simply a sign that your skin is starting to stir. Your skin is awakening and taking on a more active role in its regeneration process. Any sense of tightness should, therefore, be interpreted as a good sign and will quickly pass. It only occurs during the transition phase and has normally gone away entirely by the next morning.

What can I do to stop my skin feeling taut in the evening?

Try to tolerate the brief sense of tautness and give your skin time to complete the transition. Help your skin to rediscover its natural balance by ending the day with a Cream Mask (please remove this before going to sleep) or an ampoule treatment. Balance will be achieved during your 28-day skin cell cycle.

So far, my evening skin care regime has only ever involved cleansing and toning. What are the benefits of using Night Serum as a third skin care step?

Compress, hydrating and cleansing removes any dirt while toning with Facial Toner or Clarifying Toner protects and strengthens. Night Serum supports the skin even further by adding more protection and more hydration, especially in drier climates.

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When my skin awakens after an oil-free night, how do I support it in the morning?

In the morning, cleanse your skin with Cleansing Cream to deep cleanse from the night time elimination activity of the skin. Next, tone the skin with Facial Toner or Clarifying Toner. It is now optimally prepared for the protective daytime skin care. Select this from the Dr. Hauschka daytime skin care products in line with your skin condition.

Can my skin fully regenerate if I do not get much sleep at night?

When it comes to the skin’s regeneration, it is not so much about the amount of sleep you get but the quality of the sleep. People need different amounts of sleep. Instead of counting the hours, you should try to find your own personal rhythm.

How do I apply the oil-free night care if the normal day/night rhythm is interrupted when travelling or due to shift work?

Oil-free night care should be enjoyed whenever your body is at rest. It is at this time that your skin starts to regenerate and is optimally supported by the night care. The point when your body is at rest is, therefore, the point when you should support your skin with oil-free night care – regardless of whether the sun is shining or the moon is out. Remember that frequently changing your rhythm puts more strain on the body than when it works regular shifts (e.g. always at night).

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Dr. Hauschka Quality
– Truly natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE and/or BDIH standards
– Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
– Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone, phthalates and PEG
– Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
– We do not test on animals, we test on happy to help out human volunteers
– Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic/Demeter cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions

Thanks for reading our blog. x

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