Sweet Dreams

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Tips for day time to night time transition

A bedside foot bath

In the evenings, we often have an overheated head, but cold feet – really, it should be the other way around! A foot bath with Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence or Rose Nurturing Bath Essence warms, harmonises and grounds. Enjoy a wonderful foot bath first and then slide under the bed covers straight after.

Be mindful of your body

Eye Revive is wonderfully suited to drawing your focus inwards. As the extracts of eyebright, fennel, anthyllis, chamomile and black tea on the cotton pads attend to your tired eyes, you can simply drift off to sleep.

Create transitions

Think about what you’ve done, who you met and which precious moments you want to cherish. Peacefully reap the fruits of the day. And don’t let your thoughts wander to the next day. Tomorrow morning will come around quickly enough for that.

Sleep needs three things

A light meal, a good book and an open window. This is often all it takes for your mind and body to become attuned with the night.

Live rhythmically

When you create rhythm in your everyday life, for example by eating at regular intervals, staying active or taking breaks from work, you automatically strengthen your day-night rhythm. The more conscientiously active you are throughout the day, the easier the polar opposite will come to you at its end: a refreshing sleep.

Our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens
Our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens

Since 1967 Dr. Hauschka has been devoted to creating skin care formulations from Nature. Our efficacy is based on our unique skin care philosophy, unique rhythmic process and the highest quality natural ingredients with a preference for biodynamic, organic or responsibly wild harvested sources. The result: healthy, balanced, strengthened and radiant skin!

Dr. Hauschka Quality

  • Truly natural and organic cosmetics, certified to NATRUE and/or BDIH standards
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone, phthalates and PEG
  • We do not test on animals, we test on happy to help out human volunteers
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or Demeter cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions

Thanks for reading our blog. x

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