MiNDFOOD Magazine – NEW Night Serum

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Tender is the Night

The nocturnal activity of the skin is crucial for protection, repair and regeneration, and one new product is embracing the ethos of letting things happen naturally.

Words by Liz Hancock, MiNDFOOD Magazine

In myths and folklore, night is the time when magic happens. Fairies come out to make mischief, the Sandman sprinkles enchanted dust into the eyes of sleepers to bring them good dreams and charmed underworlds materialise to tempt princesses to dance with strangers.

In the plant kingdom, florae utilise night-time to process nutrients absorbed and created during the day and begin the activity of new growth, according to Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology.

Night is also a time of magic for the skin. In general, the body and mind process the day’s activity – tissues grow and repair, growth hormones are released, body and mind are energised, nutrients and waste are processed.

Equally, the skin repairs and energises itself as we slumber. Cell production speeds up, metabolic waste is shed, proteins heal damage and tissues are repaired. This is why night beauty products have become an increasing focus for the industry.

But one brand takes a truly unique approach to evening care. A founding principle of German natural beauty brand Dr. Hauschka is to leave the skin free at night, so it can rest and breathe easily in order to regenerate.

Because protection against the likes of sun, wind and pollution aren’t an issue while you sleep, the company has always left the skin unburdened by oils and moisturisers, with a two-step bedtime routine that involves gentle cleansing and then toning to stimulate the skin.

“During the day, your skin can use the protection and nourishment offered by your skincare products,” explains Annette Greco, head of galenic development at Dr. Hauschka. “At night, on the other hand, your skin needs something different: support for the natural processes rather than more substances.”

Now Dr. Hauschka is launching Night Serum, a light, oil-free product with new botanical ingredients to aid skin renewal while you sleep. Dr. Hauschka Night Serum contains rose apple blossom and fruit extracts, and is said to boost the skin’s natural activity, helping it to maintain its own moisture levels, leaving it smooth, radiant and fresh.

Rich in symbolism, the apple is association with Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Apples are high in vitamins A and C, which are regenerating and repairing on the skin. A sweet dream indeed.

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