Conversation with Virginia Bowers

Virginia Bowers
Virginia Bowers

How did you first hear about Dr. Hauschka Skin Care?

“I first learnt about Dr. Hauschka in 2004, while I was researching recommendations on the internet for natural treatments for my very sensitive skin.

It was midwinter in Melbourne and my skin was dry and irritated. Through years of sitting in the makeup chair and in various climates, my skin had gone through these stages before and I’d never really found a complete solution.

I was intrigued by the description of their Renewing Night Conditioner, (recommended by a number of people as a ‘miracle cure’ for all kinds of skin ailments) and by the fact that Dr. Hauschka’s inspiration for all his work came from indications given by the Austrian Philosopher, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, whose teachings I had just discovered. So, I decided to try it immediately. I was also inspired by the ethos of the company, their lack of advertising, and the strict standards they employed throughout the whole process of manufacturing, from the biodynamic farming onwards to a modern, practical embodiment, I thought of Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science”.

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What was your reaction when you first applied Dr. Hauschka to your skin?

“I remember an incredible softness to my skin after I first used the Cleansing Cream – it had deeply cleansed but not stripped the oils out of my skin, which was a strange sensation! The scent was lovely but also grounded and pleasant, in a comforting sort of way. I’m finding it hard to describe!

The Renewing Night Conditioner was a revelation, I was extremely dubious as to what a small ampoule of pleasantly scented water would achieve overnight, for my skin was usually dry, even after applying extremely thick layers of night creams, balms and lotions.

In the morning of the first day, my skin felt comfortable and clear, and its usual tight, dry feeling seemed to have disappeared. So for me the effects were immediate, the sensations of dryness and irritation disappearing almost straight away.

Having studied both the writings of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka and Dr. Rudolf Steiner for some time now, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has become very close to my heart – bearing as it does, the fruits of Dr. Hauschka’s remarkable life’s work into very real and tangible results in this hectic world. I find Dr. Hauschka Skin Care especially inspiring in today’s ridiculously overcrowded skin care and cosmetics markets, most of which, it seems are based on exaggeration and deceitful claims.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is for me, simply the best. There’s a limit as to how many chemicals we can expose our bodies to without an eventual breakdown of some kind, and Dr. Hauschka is my antidote to the onslaughts of modern life.”

~ Virginia Bowers

Virginia is an Australian Actor who has appeared in various film and television productions such as: The King, Canal Road Thank God You’re Here.

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