A Brief History Of Foundation

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It’s creamy and yet light as a feather. It creates a smooth complexion, but discreetly stays in the background: your foundation. A miraculous little product with a long history.

What’s considered beautiful?

Ochre, white lead, whiting (powdered and washed white chalk) – the ingredients of foundation changed depending on the idea of beauty at the time. Cleopatra used a primer that gave her skin a strong, ochre-golden colour that also protected it against the sand and sun. In the middle ages, a pale complexion became fashionable and dominated the scene for the next few centuries. People carefully avoided the sun and used a foundation made of toxic white lead.

The beauties of the screen

To be as beautiful as Greta Garbo – that was the dream of many women at the beginning of the 20th century. Because theatre make-up looked like a mask on the big screen, in 1914 Max Factor developed a foundation specifically for films. It gave the actors and actresses a natural appearance and took on the name ‘make-up’. Today ‘make-up’ often refers to the entire look, but foundation remains the expert base.

More than beautiful

Beauty wasn’t enough for Dr. Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund, in the 1960s, they developed a nourishing skin care range made with valuable plant oils and extracts from medicinal plants. In doing so, they became pioneers of a movement, which only later became known as ‘natural skin care’. In 1999, Dr. Hauschka launched a range of make-up – with medicinal plants used in every one of the formulations.

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