Hot Weather Make-up Tips

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Always cleanse, tone and moisturise before applying makeup. You may wish to use a matte moisturiser such as Rose Day Cream Light or Melissa Day Cream if you have a Combination Oily T-Zone skin condition. Leave your moisturiser to absorb prior to makeup application.

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For a long lasting makeup go for our International Make-up Artist, Karim Sattar’s technique of…

1) Foundation 01 as a ‘primer’
2) Concealer, inner eye only, not outer eye where it’s likely to sit in fine lines
3) Translucent Powder Loose, applied with Powder Brush and tapped to remove excess before applying
4) Apply Foundation in your shade, applying with a foundation blender brush for that ‘air-brushed’ look. Yes, after powder, for long lasting makeup.
5) Translucent Powder again, applied with Powder Brush and tapped before applying, think less is more, you don’t want a caked look
6) Apply Bronzing Powder and Blusher
7) Set your makeup by misting Facial Toner or Clarifying Toner
8) If need be use Translucent Powder Compact during the day

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HOT TIPS for a long lasting eye line

1) Moisten an angled brush with water
2) Pick up colour with your brush from just the one corner of the darkest shade in your Eyeshadow Palette
3) With your brush apply a line to the lower lash line from outer to inner, starting a little further out than the outer edge of your eye
4) You’ll need to pick up more colour with your brush, then apply to the upper lash line from the outer to the inner and beginning from the extended colour from your lower lash line so the two meet
5) Define your brows with the residual colour left on the brush, if it’s not too dark. Alternatively, choose one of the two lighter taupe colours in the Eyeshadow Palette
6) Set and keep lines soft with dry powder over the top

And if you prefer a more defined upper lash line…

1) Use Eyeshadow Palette for your eyeshadow, using a little of the darkest colour close to your lower lash line, with an angled brush is best for application.
2) Apply Kajal Eye Pencil Black close to the upper lash line, smudge and use darkest colour eyeshadow to set.
3) Apply Liquid Liner Black close to the upper lash line. This technique will make the application of a Liquid Liner much more forgiving.

Our model is wearing Dr. Hauschka Lipstick Violet Marble
Our model is wearing Dr. Hauschka Lipstick Violet Marble

Set your lipstick with Karim’s technique…

1) Apply Lipliner over the entire lip area, don’t do outlines
2) Apply Lipstick
3) ‘Kiss’ a tissue to remove excess
4) Apply Translucent Powder Loose with the powder puff
5) Apply Lipstick again
6) Apply a dab of Rose or Cherry Gloss mid bottom lip only

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Thanks for reading our blog. xx

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