10 Eye Makeup Tips To Enhance Your Eyes From Our Expert

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Your eyes dictate the shade

Tips from internationally renowned Dr. Hauschka makeup artist Karim Sattar

Before Dr. Hauschka makeup artist Karim Sattar picks up his brush, he looks deep into your eyes. “I determine the colour nuances of the iris and select Eyeshadows, Eyeliner and Mascara to match. In my line of work, ‘match’ means ‘correspond,’ not the same colour.

In the same way that I would not put a green picture in a green frame, I prefer to surround the eyes with complementary shades. It is this contrast that makes your eyes shine brighter.”

Tip 1. Choose Eyeshadows based on eye colour

Blue eyes love Eyeshadows with orange pigments: shades of gold, sand or brown. Green eyes look particularly beautiful when highlighted by red pigments: colours such as lilac or pink. Brown eyes are wonderfully uncomplicated: as brown contains all colours, all Eyeshadow colours match brilliantly.

Tip 2. Co-ordinate your Eyeshadows and your outfit

Skilfully applied eye make-up should correspond to a striking accessory rather than your clothing. For example, it should reflect the colour of a piece of jewellery, a handbag or pair of shoes.

Tip 3. Eyeshadows for people who wear glasses

Glasses on people who are near-sighted always make their eyes look slightly smaller. Bright, shimmering shades are therefore ideal as they widen the gaze. The cut of the lenses for far-sightedness makes the eyes look larger. If desired, this can be counteracted using matte, dark shades

Tip 4. Eyeshadows for drooping eyelids

Make-up can also be applied to drooping eyelids. However, the crease should be kept dark as darker areas stand out less. On the other hand, a lighter shade should be selected for the upper lid and inner corner of the eye. The eye make-up should also be rounded off by applying white Kajal to the inner rim of the bottom eyelid.

Tip 5. Use Eyeshadows to optimise proportions

If your eyes are positioned closely together, the illusion of a wider gap can be created by simply applying lighter shades to the inner corner of the eye and darker ones to the outer corner. If your eyes are further apart, apply the Eyeshadows the other way round: darker shades on the inner corner of the eye and lighter shades on the outer edges visually draw the eyes together.

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Tip 6. Combine Eyeshadows and Eyeliner

For particularly intense, long-lasting colour, use a brush to dab a little Eyeliner onto your eyelid and smudge it in before applying a suitably coloured Eyeshadow to the lid as usual.

Tip 7. Use Eyeshadows instead of Eyeliner

Instead of using Eyeliner, the lower eyelid can be highlighted using an Eyeshadow. This creates soft lines and smooth transitions to the lower lashes.

Tip 8. For the perfect finish

Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadows come in two different textures: Eyeshadow Solos combine colour with silky shine, while the four shades in the Eyeshadow Palette are designed to be matte, making them also ideal for eyebrows.

And to reduce shimmer or to add shimmer

Tip 9. To reduce shimmer of Eyeshadows

Use a brush to lightly dab a little Translucent Face Powder Compact onto your eyelids over your make-up.

Tip 10. To add shimmer to matte Eyeshadows

For deep colours with a shimmering finish, first apply one of the shades from the Eyeshadow Palette (e.g. 04 anthracite). Next, use the same brush to apply a little Eyeshadow Solo (in this case 04 taupe) to give the look a bit more sparkle.

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