Dr. Hauschka In-Store Events

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We have a fabulous, friendly Team, with years of skin care knowledge and experience, who like nothing more than to have a chat with you about your skin, any concerns you may have and ensure the optimum personalised solution. Come and experience a hands-on session and learn how to achieve naturally healthy and radiant skin or perhaps a new look make-up with our Dr. Hauschka trained Make-up Artists.

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Discover Naturally Beautiful Skin

Our sessions are educational, we’ll discuss our common sense fundamental skin care principles and unique application methods. We’ll also provide a personalised daily/weekly/seasonal skin care regime to ensure you get the best results. Many sessions include our natural and organic make-up as well, how about a new look?

Sessions are FREE or alternatively have a booking fee that’s redeemable on Dr. Hauschka products purchased on the day of your appointment.

100% Natural and/or organic skin care and make-up, NATRUE certified

Our Team at Events, experienced, highly knowledgeable, and providing you with personalised expert advice

Mel apped

Melanie – NSW

With over 30 years in the skin care field, and a certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician and more recently a fully qualified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician Trainer. Melanie has worked with many challenging skin conditions. Always working holistically, you can feel confident that Melanie will design the perfect, results based, routine for you and your lifestyle. Melanie is also a trained Dr. Hauschka Make-up Artist.

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Josie – VIC & SA

Josie has been with Dr. Hauschka Australia for some 14 years, so she brings a wealth of Dr. Hauschka product and skin care knowledge. 

Josie spent over 25 years in sales and retail, she also owned an events and promotion company and supported her sister in her Beauty Salon, where her love of skin care began. Josie has completed courses in both Make-up and Modelling. Josie is also a trained Dr. Hauschka Make-up Artist.

Nicky – QLD
Nicky has been in the Beauty Industry for over 30 years and holds a Beauty Therapy Diploma, Make-up Artist and Trainer qualifications. At a young age Nicky had her own successful Beauty Salon in Adelaide for over 12 years and was also a Lecturer at a Beauty Academy. After selling her Salon Nicky began her travels, due to her husband’s career, living in every Australian State during this time. Nicky and her husband are now settled on the beautiful Gold Coast with their two children. Nicky’s passion has always been in the Beauty Industry and working with natural, organic and biodynamic products.

Discovery Session POSTER 2015

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36 thoughts on “Dr. Hauschka In-Store Events

    1. Hi, I know, we’re so sorry. However, I do have good news as of yesterday, we are welcoming on board Nicky who will be dedicated to Queensland and Northern NSW! So things will change as from July. If you have a favourite store you would like Dr. Hauschka to be stocked in please let us know so we can ask Nicky to call on them.
      Warmest wishes
      Janet 🙂
      Queensland Estheticians and Stockists at present
      Queensland Dr. Hauschka trained Estheticians: http://www.drhauschka.com.au/Dr.Hauschka-Salons
      Queensland Stockists: http://www.drhauschka.com.au/Dr.Hauschka-Retail-Stockists#QUEEN1

    2. Oh and meant to mention, not sure if Kunara is handy to you but Nicky our QLD Account Manager has an Event on in the near future.

      Kunara Organic Marketplace
      30min Individual Face Care Session with Make-up
      Friday 12th June – 11:00am to 2:00pm
      Store Address: 330 Mons Road, Forest Glen, QLD 4556
      Store Phone No: (07) 5445 6440
      Store Contact Person: Bronwyn Potts

  1. Hi

    Please could we have events and some freebie facials and makeovers in Perth WA. There’s nothing here! David jones never have anything or anyone trained in yr products.


    1. Hi Iri

      I’m so sorry we just don’t have enough stockists in Perth. However you could always phone Fay, Dr. Hauschka Discovery Centre Manager (02) 9818 6119 and leave a message for her to get back to you. Fay often assists customers over the phone.

      Also keep an eye on Helios Health & Beauty YouTube Account for Videos, we have some great videos of our International Make-up Artist, Karim Sattar on there… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGnhUfCDpFJZx4RGiaGYutw

      We have a very experienced Dr. Hauschka Trained Esthetician in Perth if you wish to make an appointment for a Dr. Hauschka Facial Treatment.

      Sidika Eckhardt
      244 South Terrace
      South Fremantle
      WA 6162
      (By Appointment Only) Ph: 0450 567 929

      Warmest wishes
      Janet 🙂

  2. Hi I am trying to find a salon/Esthetician for a facial and to talk me through the products and how to use them. I came across one lovely lady who no longer practices but only acts as a distributor now.

    Do you have anyone or able to help me out please? I am very keen to try the products!


    1. Hi Harshi – I replied via facebook message. However, you can always phone our concept store the Dr. Hauschka Discovery Centre in Rozelle, Sydney and leave a message for them to call you back when they’re not with customers. They are very experienced and often work with customers over the phone. (02) 9818 6119
      Warmest wishes

      1. Hi thanks for your reply.

        I have spoken with Lisa. She was lovely and gave me lots of information over the phone. However she no longer practices and is on a break.

        I will call the concept store. In the meantime if there is anyone else in and around Brisbane, please let me know.


  3. Hi, love your products. Always purchase them from David Jones Chadstone. Unfortunately there is no salon here can do facial.

  4. Hi,

    You have only the one location in VIC, being Kew.
    Anywhere else? And who can you recommend on the Mornington Peninsula for the makeup sessions pls?

    1. Hi Michelle, Our VIC Account Manager suggested Amber or George at Glo Health, 358 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick, VIC (03) 9523 7824. Just them a call and book in a make-up session.
      Warmest wishes and happy weekend
      Janet 🙂

      1. Hi Janet,

        Thank you for your reply. Is there no one on the Mornington peninsula that I could see? (Mt Eliza, Mornington, Mt Martha, Frankston?)

        Elsternwick is a little far.


        Michelle 🙂

      2. Hi Michelle, I’m checking with our Victoria Account Manager and will come back to you. We have a list of Stockists and you will need one that also stocks ‘Decorative Cosmetics’ which you’ll see listed if they do on the right hand side. http://www.drhauschka.com.au/Dr.Hauschka-Retail-Stockists#VICE
        You’ll find some of our International Make-up Artist, Karim’s videos on make=up application here > http://www.drhauschka.com.au/Dr.Hauschka-Videos however, it’s not the same as having your make-up done and learning application techniques at the same time, ensuring you get the correct Foundation colour etc.
        Warmest wishes
        Janet 🙂

  5. There is now only one salon doing Hauschka facials in Brisbane. I used to have regular “treats” with Carmel at her home in the inner city many years ago and then with another practitioner at St Lucia. Now there is only one salon at Lota which is some distance away. Why so few – the products are fantastic.

    1. Hi Dianne
      Totally agree, the products are fantastic, and we would very much like more Dr. Hauschka Trained Estheticians. The Estheticians we do have are a passionate, knowledgeable group of women. That said it can be a fickle business with Australian women not having facial treatments every 5-6 weeks as they do in many parts of Europe. We do have other Estheticians trained in your area, however they haven’t set their businesses up as yet. Our QLD Account Manager has tried and tried to hurry them along.
      Kind regards
      Janet 🙂

  6. Hi, I’ve just discovered your brand, and purchased a few items without testing them. Is Josie available for a consultation somewhere in Melbourne? I live in the southeastern suburbs, and I’m at school in North Fitzroy.
    Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Helene
      I’ll check with Josie and get back to you.
      Also there’s George Gougoulis at Glo Health, 358 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick, (03) 9523 782, George is a trained Beauty Therapist and expert in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.
      Warmest wishes
      Janet 🙂

      1. Hi, I’m so sorry I haven’t replied sooner, but I’m in New Zealand on holidays, with limited access to the internet. I will be back on 6th November, and I’ll get in touch with you early next week, Josie.

  7. Just wondering where I can go in Brisbane city for a consult on a weekend as I work full time or if there is a salon near Hawthorne side of town.

    1. Hi Jo
      Nicky our QLD Account Manager just got back to me regarding your enquiry, as follows…

      We have David Jones in Brisbane city. I have just trained 10 Team Members in the store.
      Also Anita at Carpe Diem Pro Te in Samford just out of the city, she is highly recommended and has the whole range.

      Warmest wishes
      Janet 🙂

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