Authentic Natural and Organic Skin Care and Make-up

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100% Natural Skin Care and Make-up

Face care, body care and make-up, all Dr. Hauschka products are 100% certified natural. Wherever possible, our ingredients are sourced from organic certified or biodynamic cultivation. For Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, founder of our company WALA, this was a matter of course. Even back in the 1960s when he and Cosmetologist and Natural Botanical Researcher, Elisabeth Sigmund developed our first skin care range, the formulations were based on natural, organic and biodynamic ingredients. Ingredients to support a healthy, balanced, toned and radiant skin.

Sustainable. Conscious. Cruelty free. Aromatic natural and organic essential oils, free from synthetic chemical fragrance. Free from parabens, sulphates, PEGs, phthalates, silicones, petrochemicals, synthetic chemical colours and preservatives.

Always read product ingredients. Some ingredients to avoid:

  • parabens – controversial, read more here.
  • triclosan – antibacterial agent, toxic to aquatic life, read more here.
  • microbeads – read more here.
  • phenoxyethanol – preservative, irritant for some.
  • methylisothiazolinone (MI), a preservative that may cause swelling, rashes and eczema. It’s often found in cleansing wipes, incredibly it’s also found in baby wipes. Read more here.
Dr. Hauschka/WALA biodynamic medicinal plant gardens

All Dr. Hauschka products are certified natural and organic by NATRUE.

What exactly is NATRUE?

NATRUE is an international quality label for natural and organic skin care and make-up. It gives customer transparency to identify AUTHENTIC natural and organic products as the term ‘natural’ and/or ‘organic’ alone is neither protected nor precisely defined by law. Only products that meet very strict criteria are allowed to display the NATRUE label.

Three certification levels:

1. Natural skin care and make-up
The strict rules for ingredients and their processing apply. The 100% natural ingredients do not necessarily have to come from certified organic agriculture.

2. Natural skin care and make-up with an organic portion
The product is 100% natural and > 70% of the ingredients come from certified organic agriculture and/or controlled wild collection.

3. Organic skin care and make-up
The product is 100% natural and > 95% of the ingredients come from certified organic agriculture and/or controlled wild collection.

To find out the certification level of your favourite Dr. Hauschka product(s) click here, then go to THE PRODUCT SEARCH and type in the name of the product(s) you wish to check, e.g. Rose Day Cream, which you’ll find is certified ‘Organic Skin Care’ i.e. the product is 100% natural and > 95% of the ingredients come from certified organic (or biodynamic) agriculture and/or controlled wild harvesting.

This percentage-based differentiation is important as, even today, it is still not possible to fully obtain all raw materials in organic quality. In some cases, this has led to us instigating the cultivation of organic raw ingredients with our Cultivation Partnerships. Rose essential oil, mango butter, castor oil and shea butter are just a few examples.

All Dr. Hauschka products are certified according to the very high standards of NATRUE, to provide peace of mind. We’re proud to be producing natural skin care since 1967 and do so out of conviction and a responsibility to nature and your wellbeing. What could be more sustainable and effective than natural ingredients from certified organic or biodynamic cultivation obtained under fair trade conditions.

The NATRUE label is your guarantee products are 100% natural

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Dr. Hauschka Quality
  • Authentic natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from chemical/synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEGs
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic (Demeter certified) cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions
  • We don’t test on animals, we test on human volunteers

In 2017 we’re celebrating Dr. Hauschka, 50 years of making a difference. Dr. Hauschka has been a pioneer of natural and organic skin care since 1967.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are highly concentrated formulations. Each and every ingredient in our compositions is chosen with 50 years medicinal, botanical, pharmaceutical and skin care knowledge. Every ingredient in our formulations is there for the benefit of your skin, not the formula itself, we do not use fillers.

Our ingredients are chosen with intention and sourced at the peak of their vibrancy and potency to deliver maximum efficacy. Positive results for a radiant, healthy and balanced skin.

Our preference is biodynamic, organic or responsibly wild harvested ingredients.

Parent company, WALA, produces Anthroposophical homeopathic remedies and has been doing so since 1935.

Thanks for reading our blog. xx

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