NEW Regenerating Hand Cream

Effective & Essential

  • Intensively smoothing hand care, supporting maturing skin, with an active moisturising effect.
  • Medicinal plant extracts of highly regenerative red clover, which is rich in isoflavones, aiding skin prone to premature ageing and field horsetail providing silica in support of connective tissue.
  • Bryophyllum and quince seeds stimulate skin’s moisture-activating ability, olive and avocado oils and cocoa butter support the skin’s strength and elasticity.
  • Silky soft hands and effective protection against environmental influences.
  • Strengthens your skin’s natural resilience right to the fingertips and, with regular use, stimulates its regenerative abilities.

Your hands push back the bed covers in the morning and switch off the light at night. Out in all environments, all kinds of stresses and strains such as changing temperatures and frequent washing. It’s therefore no surprise that signs of skin ageing can appear at an early stage. When this happens, your hands are particularly receptive to skin care that combines protective, nourishing, revitalising and regenerating elements.

Effective support

Our Regenerating Hand Cream contains not only rich oils and waxes that offer intensive care and protection, but also aqueous extracts that provide invigorating and moisture-activating stimuli. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this formulation: both good protection of the skin’s barrier and good moisture replenishment have been demonstrated. Regenerating Hand Cream absorbs easily, has a pleasant fragrance and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully silky-smooth.

A tip from our Dr. Hauschka Estheticians

Regenerating Hand Cream may also be used as a hand mask. Use delicate stroking movements to apply twice the usual amount of Regenerating Hand Cream to each hand – working from the palms to the backs of the hands to the wrists. Wrap your hands in a towel and sit back for five to ten minutes – the optimum period for the effective formulation to take full effect.

Regenerating Hand Cream video, click play

Red clover

A font of vitality and self-renewal.

A plant that flowers in almost every meadow from May to September and can be cut multiple times during this period knows the secret of renewal. The extraordinarily dynamic plant of red clover is therefore a key ingredient in the Dr. Hauschka regenerating skin care range.

1. Growth and harvesting. Red clover is grown at our own Sonnenhof Farm, using biodynamic cultivation methods.
2. Producing the essence.
A red clover extract matures in large earthenware vats for seven days, manually stirred with great vigour every morning and evening. This produces a valuable essence containing red clover’s regenerative strengths.
3. Stimuli for mature skin.
The red clover essence is used in the formulations of every single one of the regenerating skin care products. It stimulates the skin’s revitalisation, which in turn positively affects the age-induced changes.

Be beautiful

Regenerating care for demanding, mature skin
Feel good in your own skin. And show this off self-confidently: at every stage of life.

What’s your skin telling you?
If you notice that you skin is losing its elasticity, getting drier, developing wrinkles and becoming ‘thin’, then it falls within the category of ‘mature skin’. Its requirements have changed. Dr. Hauschka regenerating skin care is aware of these new requirements and addresses your skin directly. Our formulations are designed in such a way that your skin is supported but still has to remain active – can remain active.

Your cells have not forgotten anything
If there is one thing you can rely on, it is that your cells will never forget how the skin renewal process works and will always have the strength for renewal. And even if this strengthen for renewal wanes, it can still be carefully boosted again. We cannot turn back time, but we can encourage your skin to preserve moisture and feel more toned.

Renewal is the topic of every night
Dr. Hauschka uses oil-free night care. This is because your skin does not need a protective layer at night, but instead likes to breathe freely and naturally regenerate from within. This particularly applies to mature skin. As a result, our regenerating skin care range does not include a night cream, but a toning serum and intensive treatments that fortify and harmonise your skin.
One range, eight skin care products.

Regenerating Skin Care video, click play

Wherever demanding, mature skin has a particular need for revitalising stimuli, Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care offers you the perfect product: for your face, delicate eye area, neck and décolleté, hands, body, and for day and night.

Regenerating Serum refines and tones mature skin
Regenerating Day Cream refines and tones mature skin
Regenerating Eye Cream softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream firms, refines and tones
Regenerating Intensive Treatment specialised care for mature skin
Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin specialised care for skin during menopause
Regenerating Body Cream firms and hydrates
Regenerating Hand Cream intensively smoothing skin care with an active moisturising effect
Regenerating Skin Care Kit to trial or to take away on holiday

Compositions with valuable ingredients
Each and every product in our regenerating skin care range contains a specific composition of medicinal plants. Read more about a few of these below.

Macadamia (Macadamia ternifolia)
Complicated to grow and laborious to process, the macadamia is the world’s most expensive nut. Its oil has similar characteristics to important components of human sebum and therefore absorbs easily, preventing the skin from ageing.

Field Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
Field Horsetail has grown on this Earth for millions of years. It is characterised by a high content of water-soluble silicic acids, which stimulate the skin’s metabolism and fortify the connective tissue.

Bryophyllum (Kalanchoe daigremontiana)
Natively found in the Tropics, bryophyllum knows how to stock up on moisture. Its leaves and stem can store water and release it if necessary – a skill that greatly benefits mature skin.

Olive (Olea europaea)
Our olive oil is of extra-virgin quality. The delicate cold-pressing process enables it to retain its character as a pure, natural product. It cares for the skin with its premium fatty acid composition and leaves it silky-smooth.

Birch (Betula alba)
As the birch turns green, spring is upon us. It represents inner and outer cleansing processes and vibrant new beginnings – both welcome signals for mature skin.
A company that resembles a flourishing garden.

Dr. Hauschka/WALA biodynamic medicinal plant gardens

Imagine our company as a flourishing garden: we work as carefully and responsibly as possible, value manual work, understand the essence of the plants and base our actions on nature’s rhythms.

Because natural cycles and the power of vital, unpolluted raw materials form the basis of all Dr. Hauschka products, and always have done.

Since 1967 Dr. Hauschka has been devoted to creating skin care formulations from Nature. We’re celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year. Our product efficacy is based on our unique skin care philosophy, unique rhythmic process and the highest quality natural ingredients with a preference for biodynamic, organic or responsibly wild harvested sources. The result: healthy, balanced, firm, strengthened and radiant skin!

Dr. Hauschka Quality
  • Authentic natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone, phthalates and PEGs
  • We do not test on animals
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or Demeter cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions

Thanks for reading our blog. x

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