How to Enhance Your Eyes

Dr. Hauschka International Make-up Artist, Karim Sattar

Choosing the perfect eyeshadow

To really enhance your eyes, to make them look more alluring, bigger, brighter and the whites appear whiter, then choose eyeshadow colours that fall opposite to your iris colour on the colour wheel, as opposed to colours that are the same or similar colour as your eyes or colours that match your clothes.

Complementary colours

Colour wheel
Colour wheel

The opposite of blue is orange/golds/browns

The opposite of green is lilac/burgundy/pinks

The opposite of brown is aqua/blues/greens

Using complementary colours provides the most contrast between your iris colour and your shadow colour, therefore it’s this contrast that enhances your eyes.


Suggestions to enhance your iris colour


Blue Eyes

Eyeshadow Trio 04 sunstone, Eyeshadow 05 amber, Eye Definer 02 brown/05 taupe, Liquid Eyeliner 02 brown, Defining Mascara 02 brown, Volume Mascara 02 brown.

Green Eyes

Eyeshadow Trio 03 ametrine, Eyeshadow 03 rubellite, Eye Definer 06 plum/02 brown, Liquid Eyeliner 02 brown, Defining Mascara 02 brown, Volume Mascara 02 brown/03 plum.

Brown Eyes

Eyeshadow Trio 01 sapphire/02 jade, Eyeshadow 04 verdelite, 02 lapis lazuli, Eye Definer 01 black, 03 blue, 04 green, Liquid Eyeliner 01 black, Defining Mascara 01 black/03 blue, Volume Mascara 01 black.

Hazel Eyes are multiple colours so choose the same recommendations as for brown eyes using the colour wheel concept to contrast differing colour flecks in your eyes to highlight.

Aside from complementary colours, everyone needs a brown, taupe and neutral shades palette too, This also includes brown eyes, which can use browns, just need to stay away from muddy browns. Eye & Brow Palette with matte shades for both eyes and brows.

Application Tips

  1. Always apply eyeshadow from outer towards inner, not the other way around, for a professional and uplifting look to your eyeshadow application. When you apply from inner to outer you end up with colour dragging your eye downwards.
  2. When you’re applying your deepest colour to the crease, always keep your eyes open to ensure correct placement of the colour.

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