Plant Profile: St. John’s wort

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St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)


If you hold St. John’s wort flowers up to the light you will see numerous small bright spots, these are glands containing a fluid of essential oils and resin. If you rub the golden yellow flowers between your fingers they will be stained blood red, the characteristic colour of St. John’s wort oil. This wondrous colour change results from the fact that light and oxygen break down constituents of the flowers. The perennial St. John’s wort plant grows to a height of 90 cm. Over summer the many branched, woody stems are covered over and over with the five-rayed flowers. This oil-rich plant, whose leaves are also densely covered with oil glands, prefers full sunlight which it requires for luxuriant growth.


Paracelsus was convinced of the wound-healing, antiseptic and eliminating action of St. John’s wort. He saw the pore-like perforation of the leaves as an indication that the plant could be used to treat any kinds of opening in the skin, either internally or internally, and that it would also support elimination through the pores.

In fact, St. John’s Wort stimulates the blood circulation and carries anabolic and nourishing processes to the sphere of the nerves and the senses.

With its calming, pain relieving and wound healing properties it brings relief not only in chapped, cracked and irritated skin accompanied by redness but also in mild burns. Embrocations with the characteristic red oil help relieve nerve pain, rheumatism, lumbago and sprains. St. John’s wort is used internally for treatment of depression.


There are numerous legends attached to St. John’s wort. According to one it originates from the blood of John the Baptist, according to another St. John the Evangelist is said to have gathered the plant drenched in the Saviour’s blood from beneath the cross. The naming of the plant St. John’s wort was supported particularly by the fact that the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, whose patron saint is John the Baptist, already used the plant for treatment of wounds at the time of the Crusades.

St. John’s wort, one of the magical plants of the summer solstice, devoting itself to the sun like no other plant. It is said to have the greatest healing powers at the Feast of St. John, three days after midsummer night in the Northern Hemisphere, when it is at the height of its bloom and is imbued with the full power of the summer sun. At this time the light has reached its climax and the sun joins in matrimony with the earth. Since time immemorial people have honoured this day of union between the light and the earth, between spirit and matter, with great feasts. A remnant of this tradition can still be seen today in Europe with the bonfires lit on midsummer’s night.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

The plant ingredient at Dr. Hauschka

The radiant yellow flowers of St. John’s wort which stretch up towards the sun on straight stems, contain the highest concentration of active constituents at the time of the summer solstice. This seems to be an expression of its sunlike character. The luxuriant wealth of flowers contrasts starkly with the dry, hard wood of the plant. That which is between the flower and the branch shows a tendency to contract, to dry. This is the expression of a forming character which brings order to that which is excessively in flux.

This is the field of tension in which we find the numerous healing effects of this old medicinal plant. As plant of the light it drives away the darkness in human beings, and thus helps internally in depression, externally in sunburn. As bringer of order it supports the organism in all anabolic processes of the nerve-sense organs, whether as wound-healing agent or in treatment of depression.

In Dr. Hauschka skin care products St. John’s wort is found wherever, in addition to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, soothing and strengthening of the skin is desired: Rose Day CreamRevitalising Day CreamTinted Day CreamClarifying Day Oil, Cleansing Cream, Almond St. John’s wort Soothing Body Oil, Almond Soothing Body Cream, Blackthorn Toning Body Oil, Lip Balm and Eye Balm. In Hydrating Foot Cream it brings light to the feet which in our culture are usually condemned to a shadowy existence enclosed in shoes.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik
The making of St. John’s wort oil extract, in time honoured and labour intensive methods.

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Dr. Hauschka Quality

  • Authentic natural and/or organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from synthetic chemical fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEGs
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic (Demeter certified) cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions
  • We do not test on animals


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Hot Weather Beauty Tips

Hot weather, sun, wind, salt, air conditioning and humidity! 


1) Dry, flaky skin

Inadequate hydration, dehydrating air conditioning and too much sun are drying to your skin and may result in dry, rough, flaky skin. Drink a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water and/or herbal teas a day to hydrate from within.

Remember you may need to change your Dr. Hauschka Moisturiser for the seasons to ensure optimum care.

Skin Tip: Always apply your body moisturiser to skin that’s still moist from your shower, this helps to lock in moisture. You’ll be applying your face Moisturiser on skin still moist from Toner, however, in warm weather keep a bottle handy to mist Toner during the day as well.

TIP: Keep your Toner in the fridge for a cool spritz

2) Sun-stressed skin

Revitalising Mask is a must for a sun-stressed skin, cooling and soothing, use twice a week. Cleanse early in the evening, apply Revitalising Mask, including the eye contour area, and leave to absorb for as long as possible, removing with a tepid cloth prior to bed time.

After Sun is our summertime and holiday must have body moisturiser for it’s antioxidants, cooling and soothing Ice Plant extract, and long lasting moisture.

3) Cover-up

Think floppy hats, maxi dresses and skirts, pretty tops, floaty palazzo pants and of course always sunnies.

4) Being Sun Smart

Click here to read…

5) Fine lines and wrinkles

These occur due to the age-triggered loss of collagen and elastin from skin, but exposure to sun and dry winds, resulting in dry skin, is likely to accelerate the process. Foods and skin care high in antioxidants helps to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing, so ensure you’re getting your Vitamins A, C and E, fruit, vegetables, coffee, tea, wine, and dark chocolate.

Regenerating Range is specifically formulated to support a maturing skin.

6) Dull Skin

For a dull, dry skin use Revitalising Day Cream, our lightest in texture moisturiser, yet also our most activating. Apply Tinted Day Cream over the top to bring back warm tones to the skin and double the moisturising.

If dryness is not an issue, mix a little Translucent Bronzing Tint with any Dr. Hauschka Moisturiser for a sun-kissed healthy glow.

7) Breakouts

Recent email from a customer…

Q: Help! My skin is breaking out with this weather, make-up is disappearing from now oily t-zone by lunchtime. Using Rose Day Cream and in my late 30’s.

A: Rose Day Cream is too rich for you at this time of year. Here’s your recommended daily regime for summer:

Cleansing Cream
Clarifying Toner
Melissa Day Cream – specific for mediating between oily and normal (or dry) areas of your face, helps to control shine, and has a matte finish. Another alternative would be Rose Day Cream Light.
Coverstick – a must have product, conceals and treats pimples

You may like to try mixing a little Translucent Bronzing Tint with your Melissa Day Cream as a tinted moisturiser instead of make-up or Foundation and set with Translucent Powder Loose in the morning, and during the day touch-up with Translucent Powder Compact.

Soothing Cleansing Milk
Clarifying Toner
Night Serum

We also highly recommend once a week Clarifying Facial Bath and Clarifying Clay Mask and twice a week Revitalising Mask.

8) Sun-Stressed Tresses

Hair can suffer from overexposure to sun, sea, chlorine, heat and warm winds, making it dry and prone to breakage. Limit use of the blow drier, hair straighteners and curling tongs and don’t shampoo every day if you don’t need to. Use Hair Strengthening Treatment as a treatment for hair and scalp and/or scrunch into the ends, and use leave-in Revitalising Hair & Scalp Tonic daily.


Dr. Hauschka Quality

  • Authentic 100% natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from synthetic chemical fragrance, colours and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEGs
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic (Demeter certified) cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions
  • We don’t test on animals, cruelty free cosmetics.

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Correct Cleansing

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 2.03.49 pm

Correct Cleansing is the first step towards achieving a healthy and radiant skin. 



Because overly alkaline, lathering, harsh exfoliation (whether by acids or granules) type cleansers are all too severe for your skin.

Your skin needs effective, yet gentle cleansers, that respect the pH of your skin, which is naturally acidic to protect against bacteria, and cleansers that don’t dehydrate the superficial layer. Your skin should feel comfortable after cleansing.

If you have an oily skin those products that ‘strip’ the skin for that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, that’s a sign that your acid mantle has been disrupted and skin will just produce more oil to compensate.

We have two different cleansers for differing cleansing needs at each end of the day. In the morning, after the night time elimination activity of the skin, your skin needs a gentle yet deep cleanse with Cleansing Cream. In the evening use Soothing Cleansing Milk to cleanse your skin from the dirt and dust it picks up during the day and it’s also your make-up and eye make-up remover.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 2.01.03 pm

Our Morning and Evening Cleansers

Two different cleansers for different cleansing needs at each end of the day.

Cleansing Cream DE-GB; Gesichtswaschcreme DE-GB

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream
Refines, revitalises and deeply cleanses all skin conditions
  • Gentle and effective morning cleanser for deep cleansing after the skin’s night time eliminating activities
  • Respects the pH (acid mantle) and hydrolipid layer of skin while cleansing
  • Almond meal binds particularly well to dirt and impurities
  • Gently exfoliates only those skin cells that are ready to slough off
  • Fortifies and refreshes
  • Respects the skin’s natural protective function for healthy, radiant skin
  • Retains the skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier
  • Prepares skin for Toner and Moisturiser
  • Minimises the appearance of pores
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and silky
  • Highest quality medicinal plant extracts of Calendula, Chamomile and Anthyllis and creamy Sweet Almond Meal

Calendula: healing
Chamomile: soothing and calming
Anthyllis: brings balance to all skin conditions
Almond Meal: binds particularly well to dirt and impurities

Use: Compress and hydrate skin. Mix 1-2 cm of Cleansing Cream with warm water in the palms to form a smooth, creamy emulsion. Press mixture gently onto skin then roll hands up and away in a wave-like motion – ‘press and roll’. Start in the centre of the forehead then slowly work outward and down. Avoid the eye area. Repeat the press and roll action 2-3 times. Do not rub or scrub. Rinse with warm water then finish with splashes of cool water.

Note: Should you feel your skin needs a secondary deep cleanse in the evening with Cleansing Cream after Soothing Cleansing Milk, you may do so.

Cleansing Cream
Click play for Cleansing Cream application video

Elizabeth on Cleansing Cream, click here >

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk
Evening cleanser, make-up and eye make-up remover, for all skin conditions
  • Gentle and effective evening cleanser for removing the dirt and dust skin picks up during the day, make-up remover and eye make-up remover
  • Light emulsion that respects the pH (acid mantle) and hydrolipid layer of skin while cleansing
  • Supports our no night cream stance because skin feels comfortable after cleansing
  • Prepares the skin for its night time elimination activity
  • Harmonising and protective properties to calm sensitivity and helps diminish the appearance of redness
  • Maintains skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and silky
  • Includes one of our key ingredients, Anthyllis, which brings balance to all skin conditions
  • Soothing Jojoba, Almond and Apricot Kernel oils cleanse and nourish
  • Our specially prepared fermented grain extracts of Oats, Rye and Wheat

Use: Compress and Hydrate skin, apply Cleanser evenly, remove with Dr. Hauschka warm, moist Compress Cloth. To remove eye make-up, apply to a dampened cotton wool pad and use gentle sweeping movements from the inside to the outside corner of your closed eye.

Soothing Cleansing Milk
Click play for Soothing Cleansing Milk application video

We recommend Compress & Hydration for your skin prior to cleansing:

  1. Pour a little Dr. Hauschka Bath Essence into your basin
  2. Disperse with hand hot water
  3. Immerse your Compress Cloth, squeeze out excess water and press onto your skin, repeat twice
  4. Cleanse
  5. Compress or splash with cold water


Compress and Hydration softens pores to achieve a much deeper cleanse and also ensures you’re using your cleansing products more economically. When you complete your cleanse with splashes of cold water you activate the minute muscle that sits alongside the hair follicle which contracts, helping to remove any remaining dirt. This simple technique leaves your skin feeling soft as well.

Why You Should Avoid Cleansing Wipes, click here >


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Dr. Hauschka 9 Skin Facts

Skin Fact 1

Correct Cleansing – first step towards a healthy skin

Correct cleansing with products that respect your skin’s acid mantle and hydrolipid layer provides the basis for healthy skin care. Our gentle cleansing rituals also support our no night cream philosophy.

Your skin has different cleansing needs at different times of the day. Deep cleansing in the morning with Cleansing Cream using our ‘press & roll’ technique after the night time elimination activity of your skin.

Evening cleanse with Soothing Cleansing Milk to remove make-up, eye make-up and the dirt and dust your skin picks up during the day.

Cleansing Cream application video, click play

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.37.27 am

Skin Fact 2

Scrub the bathroom, but never your face

Never treat your skin harshly, it has to last a life time! Cleanse to remove dirt, oil and make-up without disturbing the skin’s natural line of defence, the acid mantle and the protective outer layer of skin cells. The natural 28 day skin cell cycle is treated with respect.

Soaps, lathering products, overly alkaline substances, scrubs and exfoliants (acids or gritty compounds) strip your face of this natural protection. This may result in dry, irritated or sensitive skin, more prone to sun damage, absorption of synthetic chemical products and premature signs of ageing. The skin’s acid mantle your protection against bacteria.

Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream gently removes dirt and oil while protecting the skin’s natural defences and stimulating healthy lymph flow. It’s not a scrub, it’s a ‘press & roll’. This encourages and supports healthy skin, and a clear, radiant complexion.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 2.03.49 pm

Skin Fact 3

Squeaky clean is for dishes, not your skin

That ‘squeaky clean’ feeling comes from lathering and/or overly alkaline cleansing products and that’s your sign that the acid mantle and outer layer (stratum corneum) of your skin has been disrupted.

If you have oily/blemished skin, those harsh cleansing products that make your skin ‘squeaky clean’ just make your skin produce more oil to compensate.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.32.46 pm

Skin Fact 4

Lose the night cream, your skin will thank you for it

  • During the night your skin is regenerating, metabolising and eliminating the day’s waste, that’s one of its many functions as the largest organ in your body.
  • The night time rhythm of the skin is one of a ‘breathing out’.
  • How do you know this is happening? Because skin disorders such as eczema, shingles, chicken pox or measles are much worse during the night. How often have you woken up in the morning to be greeted by a pimple?
  • There are no environmental factors that you need to protect your skin from while you’re asleep.
  • A night cream – which is usually a heavy, expensive, occlusive substance, impedes your skin’s normal night time process.
  • Sleeping isn’t ageing!

Dr.Hauschka’s gentle cleansing rituals support our no night cream policy. Our night treatment preparations, Night Serum or Regenerating Serum, embrace regenerating plant extracts held in an aqueous solution. These allow the skin to breathe freely and overcome any weaknesses and imbalances.

At first our ‘no night cream’ guiding principle seems unusual, however within one month (a skin cell cycle) you’ll need no more convincing! 

New customers support your skin in the transition off conventional night cream use with Renewing Night Conditioner, one ampoule a night for a month, then switch to Night Serum or Regenerating Serum.

The Power of Night Video - click play
Evening Ritual, click play

Skin Fact 5

Not all moisturisers or their application are created equal

All Dr.Hauschka Moisturisers are highly concentrated preparations, for instance our Rose Day Cream contains 30 organic or biodynamic roses and the texture is rich, encompassing protective beeswax and precious rose wax. They’re all formulated to be applied as follows:

  1. Place around a large pea size of moisturiser in the palms of your hands. (2-4 drops if you are using Clarifying Day Oil).
  2. Warm the product between the entire palms of the hands to melt the natural waxes.
  3. Apply to skin that’s still moist from Facial Toner or Clarifying Toner that you mist directly onto your skin, to hydrate, ensure even and economical application and aid absorption of moisturiser.
  4. Apply to the skin with the entirety of your palms, using both hands from the centre, outwards in the direction of lymph flow.

Skin Fact 6

‘Like treats like’, homeopathic guideline

WALA, the company that creates Dr.Hauschka Skin Care also produces around 1,000 anthroposophical homeopathic medicines. This background gives us superb medicinal, pharmaceutical and botanical knowledge. We also incorporate some homeopathic guidelines in the way we treat the skin.

Though it might seem counterintuitive to apply oil to an oily skin, it’s actually the most effective solution. The skin knows whether it’s sufficiently protected, producing more of its own oil when skin is dry and less when it’s balanced.  Drying, soap-based and overly alkaline products and conventional acne treatments may rob the skin of its defences, leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and triggering the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil.

Dr. Hauschka’s Clarifying Day Oil provides a light, rapidly absorbed layer of pure plant oils and botanical extracts, including rich in provitamin A carrot root extract, that calm the skin’s oil production while helping to treat and soothe blemishes and irritation.

On the other end of the spectrum we have Revitalising Day Cream 30ml and 100ml, a highly activating daily moisturiser that provides hydrating protection in a very light, rapidly absorbed formula.

If we treat dry skin with rich, heavy creams or oils we effectively trick our skin into believing it’s been producing too much of its own oil. In response it will decrease production, perpetuating the dry skin cycle. Revitalising Day Cream is light enough that the sebaceous glands are called upon to gently increase oil production.

Over time, the skin will regain its balance and be better able to fend for itself.  It’s all about using products to strengthen and support your skin’s own functions.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.14.38 pm

Skin Fact 7

Chemical cocktail or nature’s nip

Unknowingly most woman carry with them daily up to 500 synthetic chemicals. These pollutants are self inflicted through the use of conventional face, body, hair and make-up products. A non natural moisturiser may contain around 30 synthetic chemicals and a perfume up to 400!

WALA Homeopathic Medicines began in 1935 and Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was launched in 1967 giving us a wealth of knowledge and experience. We also draw upon centuries of herbal healing wisdom, combining traditional approaches with modern pharmaceutical processes to create gentle yet effective natural skin care products that work with the skin holistically.

Our skin has an absolutely amazing ability to balance and heal itself, responding constantly to changes in our internal and external environments. It needs a little help along the way, like protection from exposure to harsh elements, or support when it gets thrown out of balance by lifestyle, hormones, transition, illness or stress.

The key is to encourage and strengthen your skin’s own natural self-healing processes. Rather than suppressing symptoms or interfering with the skin’s natural rhythms, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care respects your skin, supporting its return to balanced health through the highest quality ingredients from nature that your skin can understand.

The result, a typical Dr. Hauschka radiant and healthy skin!

Hand harvested Anthyllis, one of our key ingredients to assist all skin conditions to a state of balance.
Hand harvested Anthyllis, one of our key ingredients to assist all skin conditions to a state of balance.

Skin Fact 8

Being different allows us to stand out from the crowd

There is more to efficacy than high quality raw materials

Our formulations depend of course on the highest quality of the natural raw materials, but also on the care with which they were grown and processed. By using biodynamic (Demeter) agriculture, we put more into the soil than we take out and with our preference to hand harvest at dawn, we are choosing medicinal plants with the highest vitality.  It’s this vitality we wish to pass on to your skin.

Complex compositions that are made up of more than just the sum of their components.

Only when our ingredients are supported by our unique rhythmic manufacturing procedure do our products take on their distinctive quality that enables them to stimulate the skin’s own natural activity and re-establish its natural balance.

The finest of differences made transparent

What percentage of the ingredients in natural cosmetics are organic? What are the minimum standards and the maximum values? Furthermore: how can you describe the high quality of a product other than through its material properties – its finely tuned composition, its more than biochemical effect?

Our entire range is certified with the international quality seal for natural and organic skin care ‘NATRUE’. The NATRUE standard distinguishes between natural skin care, natural skin care with at least 70% organic ingredients and natural skin care with at least 95% organic ingredients.

The term ‘natural skin care’ alone is neither legally protected nor defined on a binding basis. At you can find the certifications given to the individual Dr.Hauschka skin care products, this is your guarantee.

Look for the logo

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 2.01.03 pm

Skin Fact 9

Compressing & Hydrating supports Correct Cleansing

“Using a Compress brings life to the skin, you’ll notice the difference with your cleansing, it leaves you with a clearer, softer skin”
Fay, Store Manager at Discovery Centre Rozelle

We recommend you ‘Compress & Hydrate’ prior to cleansing. This relaxes the skin and softens the walls of the pores to achieve a deeper cleanse. You will also use your cleansing products more economically.

Organic Cotton Compress
Our Compress is particularly large because the many layers folded help to retain warmth.

  1. Fold the compress in half and half again
  2. Both folds to be length wise, not square
  3. Place folded Compress into the basin with Dr. Hauschka Bath Essence infused water
  4. Squeeze excess water from the Compress
  5. Place firstly under the chin, then wrap the face and press
  6. Repeat twice, now your skin is prepared for using Cleansing Cream or Soothing Cleansing Milk 

Tip: Always complete cleanse with a compress or splash of cold water, this activates a minute muscle beside the hair follicle, contracting it, ensuring any last remaining dirt is removed. This simple technique has your skin feeling wonderfully soft, without the need for harsh exfoliation.

Click here for > ‘Compress & Hydrate’ + ‘Press & Roll’ Video

Our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens
Our biodynamic medicinal plant gardens

Since 1967 Dr. Hauschka has been devoted to creating skin care formulations from Nature. We’re celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year. Our product efficacy is based on our unique skin care philosophy, unique rhythmic process and the highest quality natural ingredients with a preference for biodynamic, organic or responsibly wild harvested sources. The result: healthy, balanced, firm, strengthened and radiant skin!

Dr. Hauschka Quality
  • Authentic natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone, phthalates and PEGs
  • We do not test on animals
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or Demeter cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions

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Elizabeth on Cleansing Cream

Here’s an informative article by Elizabeth King, who was Esthetician Trainer for the U.K., and is now living back in her home country of South Africa.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.50.58 pm

My favourite Dr. Hauschka product has to be Cleansing Cream. It has been my number one product for many years, and I often describe it as my desert island product.

The cleansing and anti-inflammatory ingredients coupled with the unique method of ‘press and roll’ gives rise to a truly holistic product. It was and still is my first essential step to restoring health and radiance of my skin. When I am cleansing properly everything else in my routine just seems to falls into place. My skin is able to readily build on what the correct cleansing routine has begun.

At this time of year, when it is beginning to get cooler, my skin becomes more sluggish. A good cleansing ritual not only ensures clean breathing skin, it also stimulates circulation and increases cellular activity.

Whether you are extremely oily or suffering with intense dryness, Cleansing Cream supports your skin providing it with the necessary steps for it to begin to heal and rebalance itself. This product works with the skin’s natural processes so that it not only deeply cleanses, but also strengthens the upper layers of the skin, thereby allowing the skin to perform optimally. This means too that this product is ideal for any age, whether adolescent or mature skin.

Correct cleansing is the first fundamental step in one’s skin care routine, yet as an Esthetician, I am always surprised at how often this part of routine is neglected. By getting the cleansing right, one can then be sure that the chosen moisturiser is indeed treating the true underlying skin condition.

Taking a look at some skin conditions we can see that the almond-meal Cleansing Cream does so much more than remove the surface dirt and grime:

The first step for an oily, congested skin is that it needs to breathe! Cleansing Cream not only effectively binds with dirt and grime. With our clever ‘press and roll’ technique, the suction created safely lifts and releases stagnant sebum and old dead skin cells that have accumulated in the pores.

Remember harsh, overly alkaline, exfoliants, acid, lathering type cleanses ‘strip’ the skin, disrupting the acid mantle, and indeed force the skin to produce more oil to compensate as well as dehydrating the superficial layers. As a result, the increased oil production becomes trapped as the dry, flaky skin collects in the pore!

A dry, dehydrated skin still needs thorough cleansing but this thoroughness should not be at the expense of stripping the skin of its natural oils. Nor should it be so gentle that the skin feels comfortable but it’s not effectively cleansed. Night-time elimination and renewal functions require a skin that is correctly cleansed. The almond meal of the cleansing cream ensures the skin is deeply cleansed, at the same time restoring and maintaining the health of the protective acid-mantle. This in-turn restores the skin’s own natural moisture levels.

Mature skin really benefits from the safe daily exfoliation that the almond-meal Cleansing Cream provides. When circulation is sluggish, the skin’s natural desquamation process slows down. The result is an accumulation of dead skin layers and the skin may look pallid. The daily use of the Cleansing Cream with the unique ‘press and roll’ method ensures the almond meal binds to the dead cells and lifts them off without disturbing the healthy layer beneath. The result is fresh skin daily! Without the burden of accumulated layers of dead skin, the skin is also able to re-establish a healthy rhythm of cellular renewal.


Cleansing Tip 1:
Begin your cleansing with a warm Bath Essence compress, include front and back of neck. The wonderful aroma of any one of our Bath Essences immediately soothes both the skin and your senses. The warmth of the cloth relaxes pore walls so that deep-pore cleansing can take place. Blood circulation is increased bringing a fresh delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Cleansing Tip 2:
Beginning at the forehead, always ‘press and roll’ moving from the centre of the face outwards. In this way you are following the paths of the lymphatic circulation. This supports skin’s internal cleansing process at the same time.

Cleansing Tip 3:
Always complete your cleansing with a cool splash – Elisabeth Sigmund, co-founder of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, saw the connection of a dull, tired skin with a sluggish lymphatic system. Complete your cleansing ritual with a cool splash, or a cool compress, taking the time to hold the cool water against your skin for several seconds. The rhythmical contrast between the warmth earlier and now the coolness stimulates the lymphatic system. Cellular wastes accumulating in the inter-cellular spaces are removed. Also coolness activates the minute muscle alongside the hair follicle causing contracting thereby assisting with removal of any last remaining dirt. A simple technique that also keeps your skin feeling soft without the need for harsh exfoliation.

Video: Compress & Hydrate + Press & Roll

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Dr. Hauschka Quality

  • Authentic natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from chemical/synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEGs
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic (Demeter certified) cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions
  • We don’t test on animals, we test on happy to help out human volunteers


Thanks for reading our blog. xx

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Our ingredients

Each and every one of the ingredients in our products contributes to their overall effect. Careful thought goes into the selection and sourcing of the raw materials as well as the way in which the individual ingredients are combined to form complete Dr. Hauschka products. We also adhere to the highest quality standards.

This blog tells you more about the Rose: where it comes from, why we use it and what functions it performs in our products.


Raw material profile

Over 20,000 varieties, innumerable colours from yellow, orange and white to pink and red, single and double flowers, bushes, climbing or erect growth. The range of rose (Rosa spp.) varieties is seemingly endless. Its wild bushy forms come from the Orient and are thought to have spread from Persia and Babylon via Egypt to Greece and Italy. Despite their differences, roses have one thing in common: the fivefold symmetry of their flowers. In other words, each flower head has five petals or a number of petals that is divisible by five. Each of these petals has its own form. Even the five green base leaves that cup the blossom petals from below differ from one another. Rose hips develop from the rose petals. As the fruits of the rose, their form is as diverse as that of the petals. A further typical characteristic of roses are their thorns, which are actually classed as prickles from a botanical perspective. Unlike thorns, which are created through the transformation of stems or leaves and grow as a fused part of the plant, prickles can be easily detached. The original rose varieties firmly embed themselves in the ground with their deep roots. Some hybrid tea roses lack this strong root system and are therefore grafted to the roots of a dog rose.

Roses can be used in all sorts of ways. Rose petals contain essential oil, tannins, nectar, lipids, wax and resin, among other things. With the aid of distillation, both rose water and essential rose oil can be obtained from the rose petals. Rose oil has been shown to contain more than 400 individual constituents. Due to its complexity, the natural scent of a rose cannot be 100% synthetically replicated. In aromatherapy, essential rose oil is used for its relaxant, de-stressing and mood-lifting properties. The wax extracted from the rose petals has a very fine and silky consistency. Rose hips contain high levels of vitamin C, plant acids and pectins, and are strengthening.


Ingredients in Rose Nurturing Body Cream


Four rose preparations take effect in Rose Nurturing Body Cream. Rose wax, essential rose oil and extracts of wild rose fruits and rose petals harmonise the skin. They form the heart of the balancing Body Cream, which offers warmth and serenity by enveloping the senses in a wondrous fragrance of roses based on a rich woodiness. The creamy yet rich formulation stimulates and fortifies the skin’s natural protective abilities. Shea butter from the organic wild collection project initiated by Dr. Hauschka in Burkina Faso joins forces with almond and jojoba oil to provide intensive skin care. The result: velvety soft skin.


Why is rose used as an ingredient in Dr. Hauschka products?

The Rose, she’s full of contrasts and contradiction in the way she expresses herself. She’s strong yet also soft; resistant and thorny yet tender, smells sweet yet also bitter. She opens with fragrance yet contracts with her abundance of firming tannins.

Balancing, harmonising and strengthening for your skin, gentle and nurturing yet also exotic for your senses. The Rose is a symbol of the purest harmony. She has the strength to bring together her contrasting elements and create complete strength of expression.

Different preparations highlights different aspects of the rose: the essential oil sends us on a journey full of dreams, from which we gather strength. The warm oil extract with accentuates the rose’s soothing, rich and protective qualities, while aqueous preparations are dominated by her fortifying and generally harmonising abilities.



Origin, cultivation and processing

For Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products, we use rose extracts that have been prepared in several different ways: essential rose oil, rose water, rose wax, oil extracts from dried rose petals, aqueous, rhythmitised extracts from fresh rose petals and extracts of wild rose fruits (rose hips).

We procure the essential rose oil from our independent partners in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Iran and Turkey. These obtain the oil from Damask rose petals through the use of steam distillation. It takes about a hectare of roses to obtain a kilogram of the valuable oil, which is used in many Dr. Hauschka skin care products. The partners grow the roses using certified organic or Demeter cultivation methods. Our agricultural consultants regularly visit the countries and support them with their experience. Grants for the purchase of rose cuttings or the construction of distilleries help new partners who are just starting out in rose cultivation. This is in line with our commitment to high quality. As, whenever possible, we only use raw materials obtained from biodynamic or certified organic cultivation, we believe that it is very important to establish new, independent raw material partnerships. With the aid of our support and guaranteed purchase prices, new jobs and better living standards are created locally. In Afghanistan, for example, the cultivation of roses offers people an alternative to growing opium poppies.



Essential rose oil in Demeter quality comes from a rose farm at an altitude of 2,900 metres. This is the first African rose oil from the south of the Sahara.
Further information about rose cultivation in Ethiopia


Certified organic essential rose oil is produced by a community that has organised itself as a kind of corporate foundation. The project was initiated, and for many years supported, by the World Hunger Organisation with the aim of offering an alternative to the cultivation of opium poppies.
Further information about rose cultivation in Afghanistan


We obtain organic-quality essential rose oil and dried rose petals from a company in southern Iran which belongs to a foundation that demonstrates a high level of social and cultural commitment.
Further information about rose cultivation in Iran


We obtain essential rose oil in organic and Demeter quality as well as rose water and rose wax from Turkey. We have worked with a cooperative in the south-west of the country for more than 20 years.


We obtain organically certified essential rose oil from several small producers in the Rose Valley, which has a century-old tradition of rose oil production.


The rose hips from the dog rose (Rosa canina) come from various sources including our own Demeter farm, the Sonnenhof.


The word rose is thought to come from the Indo-Germanic word word or vrad, the meaning of which is retained in Sanskrit as vrad = tender. Almost all of the world’s languages have a word for the rose; it is only absent in the language of the Inuits.


The rose was already the symbol for love, beauty and grace at a very early stage and in Greece it also signified a great lust for life. This wondrous creation seemed to be so unearthly that in many cultures it was seen as a gift from the gods, particularly those of love and fertility.


The rose is also the flower of wisdom and a clear mind. Sub rose dictum: the dictum under the rose was the stock phrase of secret societies such as the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons, which adopted the white rose as their symbol and hung it over their table as a stuccoed rose. A promise made under the rose was deemed to be completely confidential.


The rose’s golden age as a healing plant came with the pharmacists’ rose (Rosa gallic) in the 13th century in Proving near Paris, where it arrived from Damascus. For almost 600 years Proving was the centre of medicinal rose cultivation. Medicines made from roses were sent from there to all over the world.




Dr. Hauschka Quality

  • Authentic natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from chemical/synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEGs
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic (Demeter certified) cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions
  • We don’t test on animals, we test on happy to help out human volunteers


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Christmas Sets 2016


Dr. Hauschka Christmas Sets available Online and check in with your favourite Dr. Hauschka Stockist or Esthetician.

Share the magic with Dr. Hauschka Christmas Sets under the Christmas tree, or maybe you’re tempted to treat yourself! Lovingly selected combinations of natural and organic face care, hand and nail care in packaging to heighten the sense of Christmas anticipation and contents to pamper skin and the senses.

Heartfelt Hands

RRP $49 – value $56

Contents: Hydrating Hand Cream 50ml, Glass Nail File keepsake, Rose Nurturing Body Cream mini 10ml

Surely a gift to be treasured by all. Deeply nourishing Hydrating Hand Cream that’s rapidly absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy residue, limited edition Glass Nail File produced in the Czech Republic, which is known for high quality glass making and Rose Nurturing Body Cream, the loving gift of organic Damask Roses.

P.S. After filing your nails, run the glass nail file under the tap and place on a paper towel to dry, just like brand new again!


Quintessential Quince

RRP $90 – value $108

Contents: Cleansing Cream 50ml, Soothing Cleansing Milk 30ml, Quince Day Cream 30ml

Morning and evening cleansing rituals with Cleansing Cream to begin the day with a deep cleanse, gentle and effective Soothing Cleansing Milk to remove make-up, eye make-up and cleanse your skin at the end of the day. Soothing and cooling Quince Day Cream for a normal to dry skin protects your skin from environmental factors such as air conditioning with non-occlusive quince wax and quince seed extract helps your skin to retain moisture.


Radiant Rose

RRP $99 – value $119

Contents: Cleansing Cream 50ml, Facial Toner 30ml, Rose Day Cream 30ml

Your morning skin care ritual with deep cleansing Cleansing Cream, hydrating Facial Toner to provide a wake up call for your skin and the gift of 30 organic or biodynamic Damask Roses in iconic Rose Day Cream to balance, protect and nourish a dry, sensitive or mature skin.


Dr. Hauschka Quality

  • Authentic natural and organic skin care and make-up, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from chemical/synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEGs
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic (Demeter certified) cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions
  • We don’t test on animals, we test on happy to help out human volunteers


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