Intensive Treatments – for night and day

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Intensive Treatments Use:

Skin cells are renewed every 28 days. Mirroring this same regenerative cycle, Intensive Treatments should be used for 28 days, morning and night, in place of Toner. Intensive Treatments work most effectively when used four times a year as a stimulus guiding your skin to a balanced state.

Use: After morning and evening cleansing, mist 4-5 pumps onto the face, neck and décolleté then gently press into the skin. One bottle is a full 28-day course application.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Clarifying Intensive Treatment (< 25)
Specialised care for blemished skin
For very oily or blemished teenage skin

Clarifying Intensive Treatment (up to age 25) offers intensive care for skin prone to pimples during puberty.

Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of daisy and nasturtium with the gemstone rhodochrosite act quickly to balance the skin. Witch hazel and rhythmitised silver balance moisture content and stabilise skin, minimising the appearance of breakouts.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Clarifying Intensive Treatment (age 25+)
Specialised care for blemished skin
For very oily or blemished adult skin.

Clarifying Intensive Treatment (age 25+) is formulated for adult skin prone to inflammation and blemishes.

Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of sage and mercurialis with the gemstone peridot act quickly to balance the skin. Witch hazel and rhythmitised chicory balance moisture content and stabilise skin, minimising the appearance of breakouts. Intensive Clarifying Intensive Treatment (age 25+) gives adult skin the power to re-discover a fine-pored, clear complexion.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Soothing Intensive Treatment
Specialised care for hypersensitive skin
For hypersensitive, reactive and stressed skin

Soothing Intensive Treatment works quickly to calm and fortify irritated, reactive skin, minimising the appearance of stress related blemishes and fortifying the skin’s natural resilience.

Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of botanical extracts of anthyllis and bryophyllum work with gemstone black tourmaline to calm, soften and stabilise stressed, reactive skin.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Regenerating Intensive Treatment
Specialised care to support a maturing skin
For mature skin

Dr. Hauschka Intensive Treatments are formulated for skin that has lost its natural balance and requires focused care. Regenerating Intensive Treatment is an activating intensive care product for skin prone to wrinkles and dryness.

Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of madonna lily, gingko and hawthorn work with gemstones blue tourmaline, amber and gold to support your skin’s natural processes of renewal.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin
Specialised care for skin during menopause

Dr. Hauschka Intensive Treatments are formulated for skin that has lost its natural balance and requires focused care. Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin balances hormonally related skin changes while supporting your skin’s natural processes of renewal. The appearance of blotchiness and spots is diminished for a calm, even complexion.

Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of daisy and rose work with gemstones argentite, ruby powder and black cohosh to revitalise dull, lifeless skin and reduce the appearance of redness and irregular pigmentation.

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care; Dr.Hauschka Kosmetik

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The Beauty of Every Face

Elisabeth Sigmund in Her Own Words

In December 2013, Esthetician, Formulator and Co-Founder of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Elisabeth Sigmund passed away at the age of 99. The insights Elisabeth Sigmund offers into skin care, beauty and her life are at once fascinating, inspiring and profound.

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A Resolution to Take Skin Care Seriously

“In 1929, a very important thing happened in my life. My father died at the age of 41. I was 14, so for me it felt like the end of the world. I believed my father had died due to a wrong diagnosis. This influenced my decision to go to medical school in Vienna, where I was one of only two female students. We were not treated badly but just considered to be nonexistent. I also observed a disregard for skin care by traditional medicine, as if skin care did not merit serious study. I saw that skin care was a kind of ‘stepchild’ that wasn’t taken very seriously, but were delegated to vanity and unrelated to health. However, I saw the importance that the skin, the largest organ of the body, plays maintaining and reflecting health.

“I eventually became ill and left medical school and never returned. I traveled to the Alps to recover and there I imagined developing my own skin care preparations. I went on many walks and on one of these walks I discovered an old monastery where I was allowed to use the library. There I found interesting connections between medicine and skin care. In one of the books, I found an old formulation for a face tonic. From this, I formulated my first facial toner and began my career as a developer of skin care preparations. Also during this time, I studied the works of Rudolf Steiner where I came across the word SCHONHEIT, the German word for beauty. Inherent in the meaning of the word is the idea that something of an inner soul quality shines through the human being. This confirmed my perception that skin care should not be treated superficially.”

ES 1930s
Elisabeth – 1930’s

When Skin Care Was the Work of “Beauty Queens.”

“Skin care or estheticians were called “Oh, the beauty queens” by blue-collar workers as well as society ladies. Even my own mother hesitated to tell her friends that her daughter was in the skin care business because she thought it was very inappropriate. Basically there was very little choice of products and only people of a higher social class could afford to buy skin care at that time. My mother used a formulation of almond paste to cleanse her delicate face and this was the basis for our cleansing cream as we have it today in the Dr. Hauschka range.”

ES 1945
Elisabeth – 1945

“My goal was to address the changing conditions of my client’s skin.”

“Years later, after World War II, I had a clinic in Sweden. I tested every product on the market and was dissatisfied with what I found. I continued making my own preparations for individual clients and achieved great results and devoted clients. However after two years of preparing products for different clients with different skin conditions, as well as for different seasons, I felt that the results, although effective, were too pampering. My goal was to address the changing condition of my client’s skin by changing her formulas for all the variables involved. Just about this time a wealthy client offered me the use of a cottage on a beautiful island in Sweden.”

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik
Anthyllis to balance and regulate all skin conditions. Also known as Woundwort & Kidney Vetch

Anthyllis, “the central plant of my facial preparations.”

“Surrounded by nature and silence, I took long walks. One day I came upon a meadow of clover which made me think of anthyllis, a plant that I had read about in an old text while researching medicinal plants at a monastery in Germany. I started adding an extract of anthyllis to the products and discovered that it benefited many different skin conditions. After many successful experiments on my clients, I chose anthyllis as the central plant for my facial preparations. I then added complementary ingredients to form compositions that would stimulate and support the skins own functions and thus regulate the skin rather than pamper it.”

rosa damascena uk
The Damask Rose, Rosa damascena

Grandmother’s Recipe for Rose Day Cream

“The Rose Day Cream is based on a cream that my grandmother used to use, a kind of Crème Céleste or celestial cream. She had a recipe for it, which her pharmacist made up newly for her every time she ran out. This face cream contained olive oil, beeswax, ethereal rose oil and rose water. When I first took a real interest in skin care, my grandmother gave me a copy of the recipe, which she had brought from her home region of Moravia. Despite the turmoil of the Second World War, during which I had to move house several times, I saved it as my little gem. Once in Stockholm, I took it back out and modified it.”

ES treatment 4

The Beauty of Every Face

“I observed that there is an architectural beauty to every human face. That one can care for the face with the finest products and decorative, but that there is something that transcends those factors. Something shines through that can also have a negative expression and that regardless of the external situation, the negative remains apparent. As an esthetician, I was able to establish an intimate and trusting relationship with my clients. When I noticed anger, jealousy or any conflict expressed on a client’s face that prevented one’s own beauty from shining forth, I consciously worked to help resolve the conflict. My Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment offers the chance to touch clients in a therapeutic manner that often is enough to resolve their unease with themselves. At times, it took more of a kind and patient conversation with clients to help them remember their inner beauty. I see it as the task of an esthetician to help the client express their inner beauty and not work simply on the surface.”


Dr. Hauschka Classic Facial Treatment with Lymph Stimulation
Dr. Hauschka Classic Facial Treatment with Lymph Stimulation

Most Important Discoveries

“For me personally, in addition to the discovery of so many medicinal plants that affected the skin, there were two major things. Firstly, I discovered that a cosmetic made purely from natural ingredients can do a great deal more for the skin than a conventional cosmetic made from chemical/synthetic substances.

“The second key discovery for my treatment concept was that the skin regenerates more effectively at night if you do not use a night cream. It is far better to treat your skin with an aqueous solution containing medicinal plants that stimulate your skin’s natural activity. I am delighted to see that these discoveries still form the basis of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.”

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Combination Skin, Oily Skin, Pimples – what to do!

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Puberty brings about such increases in hormonal activity that most pre-teens and teens are likely to experience acne or pimples. The liver has to metabolise the increased hormonal activity and one of the skin’s many functions is as an organ of elimination, pimples are the result. Pores open to cope with the additional oil production. Even if this situation calms somewhat over time it’s likely that monthly pimples will go on through 20’s and 30’s. Hormonal acne often also features in pregnancy, post natal and menopause and also there’s cosmetic acne caused by petrochemical based occlusive make-up products. Cosmetic brushes and sponges hygiene is important too.

Your Daily Ritual
for Oily Skin, prone to pimples or acne

1. Cleansing Cream
2. Clarifying Toner
3. Normalising Day Oil
4. Pure Care Cover Stick

1. Cleansing Milk
2. Clarifying Toner

Your Daily Ritual
for Combination Skin, oily t-zone, dry/normal cheeks, occasional break-outs

1. Cleansing Cream
2. Clarifying Toner
3. Melissa Day Cream
4. Pure Care Cover Stick

1. Cleansing Milk
2. Clarifying Toner

Click on play button for our Morning Ritual how to video
Click on play button for our Morning Ritual how to video

Morning Products:

Cleansing Cream
Our morning deep cleansing product with almond meal that binds particularly well to the night time elimination activities of the skin, yet respects the pH of the skin. The slightly acidic environment of a healthy skin is your protection against bacteria. Cleansing Cream is a first priority product.

Use: Place a large pea size of product in the palm of one hand, moisten with a little water to make and emulsion, not a paste, and with the palms of both hands ‘press and roll’ into the skin, see our above video.  No scrubbing, way too harsh for skin that has to last you a life time.

Cleansing Tip
Cleansing Tip

Clarifying Toner
A hydrating treatment product with active botanicals, contains antibacterial Echinacea and anti-inflammatory Daisy. Perfect ‘after shave’ preparation for guys too!

Use: Just close eyes and mist directly onto skin. This is not a conventional toner that you use with cotton pads.

Normalising Day Oil
With this product we are incorporating homeopathic guidelines, ‘like treats like’ – an oil for an oily skin! Seriously, it calms and regulates oil production, whereas harsh stripping type products just make for more oil production as the skin compensates. Don’t look for that ‘squeaky clean feel’, that means the pH of the skin has been disrupted. NDO regulates oil production and heals with Wild Carrot extract, a rich source of pro- Vitamin A. Plethora of anti-oxidants in a bottle.

Formulation: Apricot Kernel, Almond and Wheat germ oils balance the skin’s natural oil content, while Anthyllis and Carrot extracts calm the skin. Neem, St. John’s wort and Calendula extracts combine to visibly minimise redness and help maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.

Use: Only 3 drops are required on the palm of the hand, warm between the palms of the hands then press into skin still moist with Toner. One bottle will last you ages.

Melissa Day Cream

Melissa Day Cream balances and effectively cares for combination skin. Oily areas are calmed, dry patches are hydrated, the appearance of redness is reduced, and shine is controlled for a balanced, radiant complexion. The medicinal herb Melissa (Lemon Balm) has a fresh and ‘lemony’ aroma that’s wonderfully uplifting.

Formulation: Extracts of Melissa, Daisy, Anthyllis, Witch Hazel and Carrot soothe, working to balance the skin’s natural oil and water content. Tapioca starch provides an even, matte appearance.

Use: Warm around a large pea size of product between the palms of the hands and apply to skin still moist from Toner from the centre of the face, in an outwards direction.  We always work in the direction of lymph flow.

Extra Oily T-Zone Tip:
Apply Normalising Day Oil to the T-zone area, then follow with Melissa Day Cream 

Pure Care Cover Stick
Our incredible pimple treatment product that conceals as well and works in a speedy manner. Contains just the right amount of Tea Tree and Manuka for their anti-bacterial properties, Tapioca Starch to absorb the ‘yucky stuff’, for want of a better word. The quicker a pimple is healed the less likelihood of lifelong scarring.

✓ Covers spots and blemishes effectively.
✓ Antibacterial formula clarifies and harmonises the skin.
✓ Natural waxes help to prevent dryness.
✓ Anthyllis and Calendula assist the skin’s healing processes.
✓ Available in 3 shades

❤ Use at the first signs of a pimple
❤ Apply to the affected area and blend into the skin
❤ May be applied several times per day if necessary
❤ Follow with Translucent Make-up and Translucent Face Powder to give a flawless finish.  Alternatively use your Normalising Day Oil and/or Melissa Day Cream mixed with Translucent Bronze Concentrate.  Translucent Bronze Concentrate helps to even skin tone.

Dr. Hauschka Oily Skin Care Kit: Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner, Normalising Day Oil, Facial Steam Bath, Cleansing Clay Mask & Rejuvenating Mask. RRP $47
Dr. Hauschka Oily Skin Care Kit: Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner, Normalising Day Oil, Facial Steam Bath, Cleansing Clay Mask & Rejuvenating Mask. RRP $47

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Evening Products:

Cleansing Milk
Clarifying Toner

Note: We don’t use any oil or cream based products on our skin during the night, this is the time that your skin will do most of it’s elimination work, and this natural process needs to function unimpeded.

Night creams impede your skin's natural elimination processes during the night.
Night creams impede your skin’s natural elimination processes during the night.

Extra Care for Acne, Blemishes or a Combination Skin
These extras do make all the difference!

Once a week complete a Facial Steam Bath and Cleansing Clay Mask, to draw impurities, followed by a Rejuvenating Mask which helps to refine pores and is healing to any new scarring, soothing, calming and cooling – love this product!

On another night of the week cleanse early in the evening and apply Rejuvenating Mask and leave to absorb as long as possible, removing with a warm, moist compress cloth prior to bedtime.

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Skin Tips:

  • Lemon juice and warm water first thing, before breakfast, every morning helps to keep skin clear.
  • We promote Hydrate and Compress the skin for softening the pores and enabling a deeper cleanse, however please wash your Compress daily. Check out our ‘Morning Ritual Video’ above. Ideally change your pillow slip daily too.
  • Wash hands frequently and don’t touch your face or pick, because of the bacteria on your hands or under your nails.
  • Don’t use lathering, overly alkaline or harsh exfoliant type cleansers that ‘strip’ the skin resulting in even more oil production by the skin to compensate. These overly harsh cleansers also disrupt the acid mantle of the skin, and the acidic environment of a healthy skin is our protection against bacteria.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 6-8 glasses daily and eat your 5 servings a day of the freshest fruit and veg, steer clear of fizzy drinks, fatty foods and if you know chocolate and sugary items give you pimples keep away from them.

Tip from Jose, our Esthetician Trainer Manager, “Never ever squeeze”, says Jose, “as this often brings about collapse of the follicle wall and infection in the deeper levels of the skin, which could result in cystic acne”.


Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 11.12.15 AM

Translucent Make-up and set with Translucent Powder in Compact or Loose

Recommendation:  Acne is a condition that needs to be managed and we highly recommend making an appointment with one of our Dr. Hauschka Trained Estheticians for a Facial Treatment specific to your skin condition and a consultation.
Estheticians in Australia

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 9.13.30 AM

Aimee’s Story

It has now been a month since I was introduced to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, and the results have been astounding! After receiving a personalised assessment of my needs, the Dr. Hauschka Team recommended a daily ritual programme which was customised specifically for me, and worked to target the areas that I was most concerned about. I love that customisation and personalisation underpins the whole process! It’s awesome to know that the products recommended are the best products for my skin condition; I know that I will never again be caught in a situation where I have purchased products which are unsuitable for my skin. I have tried many skin care products before, but I have found none to be as effective as Dr. Hauschka in reducing pore size and blemishes, and in making my skin look and feel a million dollars. And it’s not just me noticing! I now often receive compliments from family, friends, and acquaintances about the obvious changes they can see in my skin. I have not changed my diet or routine, but for the daily use of beautiful Dr Hauschka skin care.

What’s even more exciting is that whilst the changes are evident on the outside, people often don’t realise that I also use Dr. Hauschka body care products for Fibromyalgia pain. Since using Dr. Hauschka Birch Arnica Body Oil and Rosemary Arm and Leg Toner, I have felt a noticeable difference in the degree of pain that I am experiencing. Again this can only be put down to the fabulous organic ingredients which are used in Dr. Hauschka products. After being so dependent on medicinal products to try to alleviate and reduce pain, it is such a welcome change to have found natural products which work so well! I could not rave any higher about the Dr. Hauschka brand, and the Team who are always so contactable and personable. I have truly been converted, and will now only use Dr. Hauschka skin and body care! Thank you for making such remarkable products!

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Dr. Hauschka Discover Centre


  • Authentic natural and organic cosmetics, certified to NATRUE and/or BDIH standards
  • Free from synthetic chemical fragrances, colours and preservatives
  • Free from petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, silicone and PEG
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • No animal testing, we test on happy to help out human volunteers
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or Demeter cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions


Conditioners and their benefits

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Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Renewing Night Conditioner
For all skin conditions
Advanced night care

Renewing Night Conditioner provides powerful oil-free night care for all skin conditions. This unique blend of rhythmitised ingredients enables your skin to complete its natural regeneration processes for night-time renewal: dry skin is encouraged to retain oil and moisture; sensitive skin is soothed; oily, blemished skin is calmed and balanced.

Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of witch hazel, madonna lily and silver, along with precious rose, bryophyllum, marsh mallow and sunflower support the skin’s essential night-time tasks of cleansing, balancing and renewal.


Skin cells are renewed every 28-30 days. Mirroring this same regenerative cycle, Renewing Night Conditioner should be used for 28-30 days. Apply nightly, after evening cleansing instead of Toner.  We recommend one 28 night treatment of Renewing Night Conditioner per year for each decade of life (for example 3 times a year at the age of 30). We particularly recommend in the two most transitional seasons of spring and autumn.

Flick the ampoule to ensure contents are in the bottom, snap top off using a towel and empty contents into cupped hand. Press gently and evenly to skin until the solution has been fully absorbed – include eyes, lips, earlobes, neck and décolleté.  

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Sensitive Care Conditioner

For sensitive, inflammed skin
Advanced care for sensitive skin

Sensitive Care Conditioner is specially formulated to care for sensitive, red or irritated skin, and skin prone to couperose.

Formulation: Rhythmitised dilutions of gemstones pearl (the oyster’s irritation), artemesia and malachite have a cooling and soothing effect on skin, helping to reduce the appearance of redness, couperose, rosacea and enlarged capillaries.


Skin cells are renewed every 28-30 days. Mirroring this same regenerative cycle, Sensitive Care Conditioner should be used for 30 nights instead of Toner.  We recommend one 28 day treatment of Sensitive Care Conditioner per year for each decade of life (for example 3 times a year at the age of 30).

Flick the ampoule to ensure contents are in the bottom, snap top off using a towel and empty contents into cupped hand. Press gently and evenly to skin until the solution has been fully absorbed – include eyes, lips, earlobes, neck and décolleté.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 3.57.18 PM

Holistic Night Routine

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care’s oil-free approach to night time skin care respects the skin’s inherent wisdom. Heavy, oily night creams do not allow the skin to ‘breathe’ and can inhibit the skin’s natural functions when it is most active. At night after cleansing, apply only a non-oily Dr.Hauschka Facial Toner/Clarifying Toner (and Regenerating Serum if appropriate to support a maturing skin) or Conditioner or Intensive Treatment.

A one month treatment of Renewing Night Conditioner is highly recommended for new customers, particularly those who are accustomed to the use of heavy night creams and may feel tight or dry during the transition to Dr. Hauschka’s oil-free night time ritual.

Sensitive Care Conditioner is recommended for a sensitive skin and in cases of sun stress, sunburn, allergies, irritation, heat and redness.

What is ‘rhythmisation’?

Rhythm the heart of Dr.Hauschka skin care

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 3.10.36 PM
Rose Essence preparation

In 1929 in the ‘rose experiment’ Rudolf Hauschka succeeded for the first time to make a watery extract of rose that did not contain alcohol and did not deteriorate. He was searching for a way to obtain the healing properties of a plant. The solution – rhythmisation.

The idea underlying the rhythmic process is that rhythm carries life, every plant, every living thing is exposed to rhythms, the influence of polarities; for example, light and dark, rest and movement, warmth and cold.  When the harvested plant, after being chopped and mixed with water, undergoes a process of rhythmisation, that is dynamic exposure to the polarities that have determined its life and strength, then something amazing happens. The extract, to which a little ash from the plant residues is added at the end of the process, remains stable for years and the plant has released its healing powers. The resulting ‘mother tinctures’ or the similarly produced essences or oily extracts are now ready for further processing.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 3.10.49 PM
Rose Essence preparation

A valuable source of inspiration

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka was a young pharmacist when he met Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Thirty years his senior, Dr. Steiner gave Dr. Hauschka the advice that was to inspire him to make his groundbreaking discovery years later:

“Study rhythms – rhythm carries life.”

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel Essence preparation

With Steiner’s answer in his head, Hauschka developed a procedure for preserving medicinal plant extracts without using alcohol as a preservative. He used the power of natural polarities, the rhythmic alternation of darkness and light, warmth and cold, movement and rest.

Even today, we still use this basic rhythmic procedure to produce our extracts, essences and tinctures. We rhythmically stir our base products and even rhythmically shake our preparations to prepare them for the Intensive Treatments, for example. The rhythms of the seasons also determine the work in our medicinal plant garden.

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel Essence preparation

Rhythm as a form of communication

Like all other organisms, your body also recognises and experiences different rhythms. If we take your skin alone as an example:

Your skin renews itself every 28-30 days. And it behaves differently during the day and at night, when it regenerates itself.

We tailor our skin care products to these rhythms: the regular use of Dr. Hauschka products supports your skin’s regeneration rhythm, activating and stabilising it. Rich, moisturising products pamper and protect your skin during the day while at night we recommend using non-oily products to enable your skin’s metabolic functions to work undisturbed.

By using rhythms, we can activate our body’s natural forces.

Calendula (Marigold) Essence
Calendula (Marigold) Essence

Dr.Hauschka’s extraction procedure

With his rhythmitised, aqueous medicinal plant extracts, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka developed groundbreaking new pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.  Today, we still use his procedure to produce our extracts: we cut up freshly harvested plants, mix them with water for seven days, subject them to light and darkness, warmth and cold, rest and movement, press and filter them and sometimes add a little ash to the pressed residues. The extract now contains the essence and the powers of a medicinal plant – and can be preserved for many years.

A rhythmical manufacturing procedure is also used to create oil extracts and aqueous essences for our skin care products. During this procedure, the oil extracts are subjected to a specific warming stimulus. Dried plant components, such as rose buds are carefully transformed into oil at a temperature of 37°C, or in other words at human body temperature.

Depending on the recipe, we mix the medicinal plant extracts, essences, tinctures and juices with high-quality waxes and oils to produce ready-to-use products. Out of principle, we forgo using any chemical/synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

Mother Tincture - Rose
Mother Tincture – Rose


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