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Hand Cream

Keep a tube of Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream handy in the kitchen…

Why is our Hand Cream our top selling Body Product? Because it’s a Hand Cream that’s formulated to deeply moisturise, rapidly absorb and doesn’t leave an oily residue and it’s such incredible value for money, especially when you take note of the formula’s ingredient list!

Key ingredient is Bryophyllum which has intense regenerative and hydrating properties, supporting the skin’s natural processes of renewal.  Also Marshmallow Root Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Anthyllis Extract, pro Vitamin A rich Carrot Root Extract, Beeswax, Blackthorn Flower Extract, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E rich Wheat Germ Oil and Bentonite Clay.

1) Keep a tube of Hand Cream handy, that means you’re more likely to use it regularly.
2) Apply to your elbows at the same time. Must remember those elbows!
3) Apply Hand Cream to both sides of hands, not just the palms, and massage residue into your cuticles.

Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream is also formulated for those with a predisposition to dermatitis on their hands.

“I have never come across a hand cream as good as this.  I love the smell, how it absorbs super quick and I’m not left with slippery, greasy hands.”

Neem Nail Oil Pen

I keep Neem Nail Oil Pen in my handbag and treat my nails whenever I have a moment, for healthy, nourished nails and cuticles.  Keep your nails in the best possible condition at all times with the practical fibre tip application that ensures just the right amount of product is used for each nail.  Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too.

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NEW Body Washes

Body Wash Set USA_Press

Fragrant. Nurturing. Me…

There’s something magical about a scent which takes us on our own personal journey. It can create or intensify moods. Consciously perceiving a scent is more intimate than seeing or hearing. The new Dr. Hauschka Body Washes whisk you away to this personal and sensual experience of nature at its most beautiful.

Rose Nurturing Body Wash

Enveloping and secretive, the scent of roses plays with the senses. The beautiful scent aspects of the sensuous petals are combined into a nurturing formulation with sumptuous oils and precious quince. Like a protective covering, the creamy foam turns showering into a pleasant and caring experience.

Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Wash

Balance and tranquillity with the fresh, gently stimulating floral scent of lavender invites you to walk around the Côte d´Azur, discreetly accompanied by the warm fragrance of Australian sandalwood. Quince seed extract together with plant surfactants mildly cleanse. Premium oils leave your skin feeling wonderfully cared for.

Lemon Lemongrass Revitalising Body Wash

There is something special to be found in the exotic fragrance of fresh root ginger in this invigorating formulation of lemon and lemongrass, which ensures a revitalising start to the morning. The light, creamy foam with quince seed extract and plant surfactants for a particularly gentle cleanse. Premium plant oils add an extra layer of care.

Almond Soothing Body Wash

The development of the almond from chiffon-like petals to the fruit can be experienced in the fragrance of Almond Soothing Body Wash: it almost seems as if a sea of delicate, rose-coloured almond petals is playing with the senses. The creamy foam caresses and moisturises the skin as a result of the high concentration of premium plant oils. Quince seed extract and plant surfactants mildly cleanse.

Moisturising in the shower

The formulas for the new Dr. Hauschka Body Washes are perfectly balanced. Quince seed extract together with plant surfactants gently cleanse and moisturise. The creamy foam caresses and moisturises the skin as a result of the high concentration of premium plant oils. Skin feels cleaner and moisturised all over after washing.

Unique fragrance formulations

With their distinctive scents the new Dr. Hauschka Body Washes make showering a unique experience – a treat for mind, body and soul. Jörg Zimmermann, perfumer for Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, with his four new creations has come up with appealing fragrance lines, which provide a particular stimulus for all types of people.

Composition with rose – enveloping and mysterious

“As I developed my ideas I kept the following questions in mind: What is the smell of a rose with nurturing and harmonising powers? What qualities does a rose emanate that capture our attention? When you compare the scent of roses, you discover that there is a broad spectrum within the genus. I searched for the most beautiful aspects. Usually fresh, citrus-like fragrances are emitted from the centre of the bud and develop as the rose opens. I discovered orange blossoms, delicate and spicy clove tones, and woody, velvety and creamy components. I was aiming for a creation in which the rose is light and playful, but at the same time very regal and seductive. A rosy and floral heart accord forms the main body around which the other individual aspects are grouped. An amber-like base gives the composition a creamy and gentle finish, which I interpreted using sandalwood and vanilla. They radiate a mysterious and velvety depth.”

Composition of lavender and sandalwood – quiet and harmonising freshness

“I was looking for a special variety of lavender with a gentle floral note and a lot of elegance. I found it at an elevation of 1,000 metres. This lavender is notable for the sense of peace and harmony that it projects. However, it also possesses a certain gentle yet rejuvenating freshness. The Australian sandalwood works its charm in the background, embedded in a regal, ambery chord, which rounds off the quiet freshness of the lavender with an enveloping, amber-like warmth. For me the fragrance creates associations of Provençal villages rising from the morning mist along the lines of hills on the Côte d’Azur.”

Composition with lemon and lemon grass – sparkling and refreshing

“I was on the lookout for a truly special raw material. I discovered essential oil made from fresh gingerroot, which emits a very citric fragrance. We are mostly familiar with ginger in Asian cuisine, so there is a close association with lemongrass. In the top note we perceive lemon and lime, which have a refreshing and toning effect. Fresh gingerroot and lemongrass draw out the citric impression and create an increasing complexity. However, this is not meant to be a complicated fragrance, but rather a clear, refreshing concept that is made richer with exotic ingredients. I see two tendencies in this fragrance. The first is toward athleticism, dynamism and vitality; the second, the concentration that comes from increased alertness. The scent stimulates and creates a presence – a wonderful shot of refreshment.”

Composition with almond – delicate and floral

“It was my wish to create a tangible experience of the progression from blossom to fruit, bringing in all these associations. This invoked images of the early days of spring, when the radiant blue sky shimmers above a sea of delicate pink blossoms that appear to dance in the mild air. The idea represented by the composition with almond is the chiffon-like transparency of a pink rose. I used bergamot, ylang-ylang and rose to interpret this floral chord. A balsamic base of tonka bean and vanilla sweeps us away to a sumptuous oriental palace and awakens memories of sweet, pleasurable indulgences.”

More about Jörg Zimmermann, our Perfumer

Following one’s nose

Jörg Zimmermann was just a little boy when his grandfather observed unusual behaviour in his grandson. Every time the five-year-old shook someone’s hand or touched a doorknob, he smelled his fingers. He absorbed the fragrance of people on the street and attempted to characterise them. When perfumer Jörg Zimmermann talks about his life, the numerous parallels to the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Süsskind are striking. Not surprisingly, he devoured this book in his youth, page for page. “Smell is a fascinating aspect of perception,” notes the WALA employee. Like Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in “Perfume”, Zimmermann also has a dream: to create the fragrance that captivates people’s senses, that transforms them, and perhaps creates a peaceful world.

Jörg Zimmermann’s workplace is all the way at the top, just below the roof of WALA Heilmittel GmbH, Dr. Hauschka HQ. Here he finds the quiet he needs to stimulate all the senses. In his head, he creates the fragrances that lend Dr.Hauschka cosmetic products their individual note. “Every product is different and thus requires its own statement.” Dr.Hauschka Skin Care uses exclusively natural substances compatible with the uncompromising demands of the company’s philosophy. “My job is to convey these values in my fragrance creations.  “None of the human senses is so old and so directly connected to the limbic system as the sense of smell. “It is closely related to memory and emotion,” says Jörg Zimmermann. Cultural features also play an important role. Fragrances make it possible to travel through time, to recall that which was long forgotten. Nothing triggers more spontaneous attraction or rejection than fragrances – they are encrypted messages transmitted by our environment. The magic of scent has always been of major importance; the sensual allure of fragrance enjoys a long tradition. The “master of fragrances” at WALA has been under their spell for as long as he can remember. As a result, it was always his hope to work with fragrances. It is a characteristic trait of Jörg Zimmermann to pursue goals with passion and perseverance. “One needs this trait as a perfumer. You always have to be on top of things, not be discouraged by failed experiments.” It takes months, sometimes years, for a new fragrance to be created. Zimmermann writes down hundreds of formulas only to discard them in the end. Perhaps two of 100 fragrance creations are ever actually implemented. “The ability to smell analytically is important,” says the man with the short, gelled hair. He uses his nose to deconstruct a perfume into its components and recognise what ingredients disturb the fragrance’s harmonious perception, what amounts to increase or decrease, and what substances to add or remove. “Every fragrance consists of top notes, middle notes and base notes”, explains Jörg Zimmermann. The top notes form the initial impression, the introduction of the perfume so to speak. They are followed by the middle notes, which convey the heart of the fragrance and give it shape. The third and final fragrance note is the basis note. It represents the finale of the fragrance, much like in a symphony orchestra. “The trick is to harmonise these three parts, to co-ordinate their temporal and spatial progression.”

The member of the French Perfumers’ Society requires absolute quiet during his work. This allows him to stimulate all the senses and recall images from his memory. After all, creating a scent involves much more than simply combining raw materials. It connects the world of thought with the world of feeling. Jörg Zimmermann composes, hears internal music, senses a wonderful lightness. Like a painter who has the image he wants to paint in front of his eyes, Zimmermann first creates the perfume in his head. He looks for base harmonies, previously combined individual scent compositions, to serve as a foundation. And then everything begins to flow. This flow leads to formulas which he enters into the computer – admittedly the dryer part of his work. Then the perfumer begins to experiment with the tones of his “fragrance organ”. This is the name given to the collection of essential oils from which he selects the key components for a fragrance. Some 200 substances are available, of which Zimmermann uses various numbers as ingredients in his composition. The more technical skills of developing perfumes can certainly be learned, but the ability to compose fragrances must be inborn. Jörg Zimmermann undeniably has this skill. “But I didn’t know what path to follow at first to make professional use of my abilities,” he recalls. So he studied art and cultural education, sharpening his artistic, literary and musical senses. There is no classical course of training to become a perfumer, neither in Germany nor abroad. But France is considered the mother country of perfume. At the age of 30, Jörg Zimmerman journeyed to southern France – more specifically, to Grasse, the capital of the perfume world. Gloves were perfumed in this city near the Côte d’Azur as early as the 17th century. Born in Tettnang, Germany and raised in the city of Baden-Baden, Zimmermann studied at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery from 2004 to 2006 and then worked with leading perfumers. He has been working for WALA since summer 2006, continuing a long-running tradition: the company has never purchased fragrances, choosing to develop them itself instead. “This helps our products to maintain their unmistakable character,” emphasises Zimmermann. Dr.Hauschka skin care products contain no chemical/synthetic fragrances, despite their extensive availability on the market: “We use exclusively natural essential oils of an extremely high quality.” Jörg Zimmermann is convinced: “Our customers notice this uniqueness, this strong foundation of knowledge which flows into our products. The soul senses it and is able to regenerate itself – along with the entire person.”

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How to reduce skin redness

skin redness feature

Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily, hydration helps redness.

Dilated capillaries (sometimes referred to as ‘broken’ capillaries) need excellent winter time protection. Choose Rose Day Cream and mix with a little Moisturising Mask for an extra hydrating, moisture and protective boost.

Rosacea is inflammation of the capillaries and is a condition that must be managed. The inflammation and redness usually occur over the nose and cheeks. Acne may also be associated with this condition. The following exacerbates rosacea:
Spicy Foods
Menopausal hot flushes

If you need a nice warm shower, splash your face with cool water afterwards.

If you have acne rosacea then apply 1-2 drops of Normalising Day Oil to the area as well as the below daily regime recommendations. Also use Pure Care Cover Stick to treat and conceal pimples.  Amazing product!

Hypersensitive or sensitive skin – overly alkaline harsh cleansers, exfoliants or lathering cleansers are often the culprit as they disrupt the natural pH and protective hydro lipid layer of the skin. Keep to ‘correct cleansing’ with Dr. Hauschka and cleanse your skin in a gentle manner.
Rose Day Cream contains St. John’s wort which is calming however Rose is a warming ingredient and if there’s heat and redness then you need cooling, soothing products such as Regenerating Serum, Quince Day Cream, Toned Day Cream (which helps to hide some of the redness) or Soothing Mask.

Redness associated with dryness – particularly common in winter time with dehydrating effects of indoor heating and drying effects of harsh weatherUse Moisturising Mask as a day cream until condition improves.

The following is our recommended regime for Rosacea or Hypersensitive Skin:

Cleansing Cream – gentle deep cleansing after the night time activity of the skin. See ‘Press and Roll’ video.
Clarifying Toner – containing Echinacea (anti-bacterial properties) and Daisy (anti-inflammatory properties), just close eyes and mist onto skin.
Regenerating Serum – 1 drop only and if you need support for a maturing skin. Cooling and soothing for sensitivities.
Soothing Mask – cooling, soothing and may be used as a Day Cream.

Conceal redness with Dr. Hauschka Concealer, (if you need more concealing power use Pure Care Cover Stick) and Translucent Make-up, ‘setting’ with Translucent Powder which is available in Loose or Compact. Translucent Make-up still allows your skin to breathe as it doesn’t contain occlusive petrochemical ingredients. The silk in Translucent Powder has an anti-bacterial effect and silk is extremely well tolerated by the skin.

As green is the opposite to red on the colour wheel you may also apply a thin layer of Rejuvenating Mask to the red areas as this is pale green in colour and is also cooling and soothing.

Cleansing Milk
Clarifying Toner
Regenerating Serum – 2 drops if you need support for a maturing skin

Twice a week: Soothing Mask
Cleanse early in the evening apply Soothing Mask including eye contour area and leave to absorb for as long as possible. Remove with a tepid, moist cloth, or Soothing Mask may also be used as a day cream.

Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive
Twice per year, or more often if needed
Instead of Toner apply a Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive Ampoule for 30 nights – a skin cell cycle is 28-30 days.

Intensive Treatment 03
Twice per year, or more often if needed
Skin is calmed with the harmonising and precious gemstone Black Tourmaline. Medicinal herbs such as Ice Plant, Anthyllis and Bryophyllum have a stabilising and balancing effect, while natural salt water from a thermal spa helps the skin to retain its moisture and Rose Water helps to harmonise.
Use instead of Toner morning and evening.  One bottle is to be completely used as an entire treatment.


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Tips for Pregnancy, Mum and Baby

WALA medicine; WALA Arzneimittel

During pregnancy body care is particularly important to keep the skin supple and avoid stretch marks. Dr.Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil supports the skin’s elasticity in weight loss or weigh gain and helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.  I used it from 25 weeks on after my morning shower and while skin is still moist from the shower. Blackthorn Body Oil formula is based on plant extracts, with only a minute amount of essential oils for fragrance.

Rose Nurturing Body Cream to keep skin supple. Plus Rose nurtures both the skin and the spirit.

Rose Nurturing Body Oil provides supportive vigour of light and life.

Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil relaxes, soothes and encourages sleep.

Quince Hydrating Body Milk gives the skin a fresh, firm feeling during pregnancy.

Rapidly tiring and swelling legs in the latter stages of pregnancy gain support from Revitalising Leg and Arm Tonic.


A protective cocoon for the child

Only the best is good enough for a child’s tender skin. The rich Dr.Hauschka creams and oils nurture their sensitive skin and envelop the child in a warming and protective cocoon. For the youngest, this warming protection is very important, as they can get cold quickly.

Babies really only need to be bathed in warm water and a muslin cloth; however, Dr.Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Wash with such gentle ingredients from nature is for cleansing if needed.

Our Silk Body Powder containing real silk has to be the most exquisite and caring baby body powder there is.  Created by combining fine Silk powder, which has anti-bacterial properties and is particularly well tolerated by baby’s skin, Rice starch, Silica and extracts of Gentian, Oak and Sage.  Body Silk does wonders for preventing the appearance of nappy rash.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.16.46 pm

Tip:  Rose Nurturing Body Oil for gentle and caring baby massage. Just remember to wrap baby in a towel or blanket when lifting in case they’re a little slippery!

Your facial skin care during pregnancy

Your skin may go through changes as your body deals with such a huge increase in hormones.  Many will experience break outs, while others find their skin becomes incredibly dry.

Please contact us if you need to alter your usual Dr. Hauschka Skin Regime to address a changing skin condition.  We are always happy to put together a recommended Product Prescription and Skin Care Regime for you.

Thinking about the home environment

Bringing a baby into the world is a catalyst for many changes.  It’s an excellent time to remove the huge amount of synthetic chemical overload in our homes and on our bodies; to leave behind all the conventional synthetic chemical skin, perfume, hair and body products, cleaning and laundry products.  Visit Helios Health Australia – there’s always another alternative, superior too, in my experience.

WALA medicine; WALA Arzneimittel

Pregnant and in good health

At no other time does an individual enter into such a close relationship with another person as during pregnancy. But as the pregnant woman’s body adapts to fully meeting the needs of the growing child, this can lead to physical discomfort. In our interview, Manuela Burkhardt, WALA (Dr. Hauschka) contact person for midwives and herself a trained midwife, gives tips on how expectant mothers can find relief in such cases.

As a midwife you have already guided many women through their pregnancy. Are there different ‘phases’ that every pregnant woman goes through during the nine months?

Each woman’s experience of pregnancy is different. However, one can divide the course of pregnancy roughly into three phases, each of which last about three months: the phase of adjustment, the phase of wellbeing and the phase of burden.

What happens in the first phase, the phase of adjustment?

In the first three months it is not usually obvious that the woman is pregnant, and most of the changes are hidden from view. During this time the body is already starting to adjust to nurturing another human being – this is why we call it the phase of adjustment. The hormone status changes, fatty deposits in the breasts are built up and the metabolism goes into overdrive. Although there is nothing to see on the outside, the woman may already be suffering diverse complaints – nausea, sickness and tiredness. Mood swings are also quite common and completely normal.

Fussmassage bei Schwangerer; Pregnant woman doing foot massage

How can affected women alleviate these complaints?

Nausea is among the most troublesome complaints during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal changes they undergo, some mums-to-be feel nauseous a lot. A regular daily routine, several small meals and walking in the fresh air can also help. Hosing the legs with cold water in the morning will also help stimulate the overtaxed circulation.

But at some point the female body adjusts to being pregnant…

Yes, fortunately. The middle three months are the best phase of pregnancy – this is the “phase of wellbeing”. The body has adjusted to the new situation and the woman is in harmony with her child. The abdomen starts to grow gradually and the first movements of the baby can be felt. The only downside: during this phase the first stretch marks can start to appear on the belly and the thighs. However, a daily pinching massage can help stop these stretch marks forming (see instructions in the information box below).

WALA medicine; WALA Arzneimittel

And after these middle three months, what can the pregnant woman expect then? Is the phase of wellbeing over?

Well, I wouldn’t say that exactly. But the last three months are considerably more tiring. The expectant mother is getting bulkier and the child pushes up on her diaphragm, making it more difficult for her to breathe. The pregnancy now becomes an increasing burden and the woman tires easily. During this phase many women also suffer from back pains and muscle tension; walking and standing become harder.

What can the expectant mother do to help herself?

Massages can alleviate the complaints caused by her increasing girth and weight. In the case of heavy, swollen legs it can be helpful to lessen the congestion by stimulating the flow of venous blood back to the heart. For this the mum-to-be should massage her legs daily with a brush, working from the toes upwards towards the thighs, or she can hose her legs with alternating warm and cold water.

As her due date approaches, what can the expectant mother do to prepare herself for the birth?

It helps a lot if she can keep calm and look forward to the event with positive feelings. Of course it is absolutely essential to have a bag packed and ready for the hospital – that’s a great help in calming the nerves. And then life with the little newcomer is all set to start smoothly.

Pinching massage
Pinching massage

Tip: Pinching massage to reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Use Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil for the pinching massage. The combination of massage and oil thoroughly warms the skin, leaving it better supplied with blood and therefore more elastic. For a pinching massage, take the top layer of skin between thumb and forefinger, lift it up slightly and then let go again. For best results repeat the process five times for each section of skin.

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10 Rules for Radiant Skin

cleanse feature

1. Clear Skin

Drink warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning, every morning.

2. Beauty Sleep

Our skin repairs and metabolises when we sleep, make sure you get 8 hours.

3. Less Caffeine

Replace some of your usual coffees with herbal teas.  In saying that I need 2 coffees every morning!

4. Do your Dr. Hauschka Daily Ritual every day

Morning: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise
Evening: Cleanse and Tone

Your skin loves natural and organic skin care, without all the unnecessary synthetic chemicals including petrochemicals which are occlusive and impede skin function.

5. Twice a week

Masks are a must for your beauty regime, they really give your skin a noticeable boost.
Facial Steam Bath and Cleansing Clay Mask once a week followed by a Rejuvenating Mask, Moisturising Mask, Soothing Mask, or Firming Mask.

On another night of the week cleanse early in the evening, apply your choice of our cream masks, to eye contour area as well.  Allow the skin to absorb the mask for as long as possible.  Remove before bedtime with a tepid, moist cloth.

Rejuvenating Mask – our most versatile mask, incredible for healing pimples, for new scarring and refining pores, cooling and soothing for sensitive or sun stressed skin, enlivening for a mature skin.  A mask that makes a noticeable difference and is beneficial to every skin condition.

Moisturising Mask – gives the skin such a boost for any dehydration and/or dryness.  For a ‘parched’ dry skin you can also use this mask as your day cream until condition improves.

Soothing Mask – for sensitive, hypersensitive or skin conditions with heat such as rosacea.  Indeed for a rosacea condition Soothing Mask is the most beneficial in managing this condition, to use daily, as a day cream, as well as a mask twice a week.

Firming Mask – for mature skin this mask has been formulated with the Rose in all her forms.  As we age, the skin’s natural processes of cellular renewal slow and it loses elasticity and resilience. Firming Mask minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Go Organic

Free from pesticide residue, get your skin looking great from the inside.

7. Fresh is best

Eat fresh, nutritious, home made, energising food.

8. Replenish

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day! I know you’ve heard it a million times before…
It’s important, especially in colder weather when we likely to be drinking more tea and coffee, each cuppa needs to be replaced with a glass of water, because of the diuretic effects of tea and coffee.

9. Fresh Air & Movement

Daily fresh air and exercise. Your lymph system needs movement.

10. Stress Less

Get some creative balance in your life, go for a walk, lose yourself in a great book, meditate, take up yoga, have a bath with Dr. Hauschka Lavender Bath and Epsom Salts, turn the music up and dance, take time out with your friends…

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